Rockwell to run for Congress
Former Idaho County Commissioner James Rockwell has announced he is running for the Republican nomination for 1st District Congressman. 
Below is his statement:
I have a lot of respect for Congressman Raul Labrador, yet, I will be running against him in the Republican primary.
In each of the past three elections, Republican congressmen promised us that they’d repeal Obamacare if given the chance.  So, we gave them the chance. Now, with historic Republican control of the House, the Senate AND the Presidency, and after working on repeal legislation for seven years, when presented with the final bill, our Republicans choked. President Trump’s entire “America First” agenda hangs in the balance.
Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi loves it.
This Republican led Congress is destroying our momentum, and their political games imperil our country.
This is leadership?  I don’t think so.  Leadership is action, and it involves risk and solutions.  Sometimes leadership involves compromise.   If current members of the House and Senate can’t lead, we need them to get out of the way.
We Republicans have been given an opportunity to set a course of excellence these next few years.  It is essential we take advantage of that opportunity.    
As your congressman I will vote to repeal Obamacare. Period. I will support our President and his Republican agenda of American jobs, American security, and American tax reform. Finally, I will work tirelessly to help Make America Great Again.
I love this country.  I keep my promises.

Former Idaho County Commissioner James Rockwell, shown with one of his daughters, is running for Congress.

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