Purse Auction raises over $12,000
Once again the support of our community was evident in the 3rdAnnual Purse Auction.  There were over 100 in attendance for the day of the Auction!  We had 138 purses that were donated or were made with items donated by individuals and businesses besides cash donations. Debbie and Ron donated all the great food for lunch, 100% of the proceeds were given to the local YWCA.  We made over $12,000 this year that will benefit victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.
Cottonwood Chief of Police Terry Cochran introduced Kristi who opened the event with information on what last year’s proceeds were used for. Kristi thanked the committee members and volunteers for their work “behind the scenes”. She then introduced the guests who related their stories of abuse and the help that they have received from Kristi.  They expressed how grateful they are for the community support and how they have been able to go forward with their life with the help they received thanks to the funds raised by the Auction.
Shane, Auctioneer, Marge, Clerk, Carol, Committee Clerk, Peggy, Jen and Jennifer, Spotters, Dar and Nancy, bookkeepers, Jennifer, runner and Cottonwood Chief of Police Terry Cochran, our “Vanna”, your help was invaluable.  There were others who worked behind the scene and on the side lines that made this event a success; Ron, Debbie, Colleen, Jeanne, Carol, Sandy, Rose, the Grangeville & Cottonwood Wells Fargo Bank Ladies, Elaine, Tiffany and Ally. We would also like to thank the Cottonwood City Council for the use of the hall.  We would like to also thank DawnMarie of Eggen Signs in Kamiah for the reusable banner they donated.
Tom and Roselyn Nuttman had the winning bid on the “Mystery Purse”.  Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy your prize.  We can never think of everyone we need to thank but this would never be a success without each and every one of you!

Tom and Roselyn Nuttman had the winning bid on the “Mystery Prize” at the Purse Auction. Roselyn is shown with what was included. Photo provided by Elaine Sonnen.

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