High School awards are presented
Prairie High School held a year-end awards assembly Thursday, May 25 in the gym.
Student Body officers received awards for their service this past year. They were: Todd Ott, student body president; Anthony Karel, student body vice president; Molly Schwartz, student body sec./treas.; and Faith Uhlenkott and A.J. Everson, spirit leaders.
Receiving awards from the Idaho County Cadet Program were Noah Arnzen, Brandon Anderson and Jayce Huling.
Madison Ulmer was awarded a scholarship by the Idaho County Association.
Selena Davila received an Idaho/Lewis County Cattle Producer’s award.
Nicole Poxleitner was awarded an Idaho Forest Group scholarship.
Tucker Hibbard was named Student Booster of the Year by the Prairie Booster Club.
Booster Club Honor Roll awards went to those earning perfect 4.0 grade points averages (Highest Honors) and those earning 3.50 to 3.99 gpa’s for the past year (High Honors). Highest Honors went to seniors Grant Gehring, Lindsey Goeckner, Nicole Poxleitner, Tyson Schlader, Madison Ulmer and Chaye Uptmor. Juniors Dereck Arnzen, Sydney Bruner, Leah Higgins, Anthony Karel, Jace Perrin, Molly Schwartz and Alexis Shears. Sophomores Kendra Duclos, Jordyn Higgins, Kristyna Krogh, Kate Lustig, Sabrina Lustig, Madison Pecarovich, Calli Perrin, Ellea Poxleitner and James Villamor. Freshmen Carson Forsman and Aaron Goeckner. High Honors awards went to: seniors Brandon Adnerson, Noah Arnzen, Selena Davila, Haley Enneking, Darlene Gehring, Ryan Glimp, Kylie Tidwell and Lucas Wemhoff. Juniors Alexus Cane, Tucker Hibbard, Trista Latimer, Ethan Ormsby, Jade Peery, Josie Peery, Sarah Ross, Delaney Uhlenkott and Angela Wemhoff. Sophomores Garrett Crenshaw, Emma Gehring, Alexis Hiler, Madison Hinkelman, Hope McIntire, Kace Munger, Tayler Ott, Spencer Schumacher, Paul Sonnen, Noelle Uhlenkott and Theresa Wemhoff. Freshmen Owen Anderson, Tajh Branson, Sydnee Bruegeman, Anna Kaschmitter, Samuel Mager, India Peery, Jacey Rambo, Brooklyn Riener, Hayden Uhlenkott, Reid Uptmor and Hailey Wilson.
Lindsey Goeckner received the Whitney Sonnen Senior Project scholarship.
Knowledge Bowl Awards: co-Most Valuable were Garrett Crenshaw and Anthony Karel. Most Points went to James Villamor.
Spanish Awards: Outstanding Spanish I student-Kate Lustig. Outstanding Spanish II student-Kendra Duclos.
Band 1st year pins went to Jacey Rambo, Hailey Wilson, Carson Forsman, Aaron Goeckner, Tommie Phillips, Amber Goldmeer, Zachary Reuter and Harley VanHouten.
Math Awards: Top Algebra II Student-Calli Perrin. Top Pre-Calculus Student-Dereck Arnzen. Top Calculus Student-Anthony Karel. Top Math 137 Students-Lindsey Goeckner and Noah Arnzen. Top Statistics Students-Nicole Poxleitner and Leah Higgins. Top Algebra I students: Aaron Goeckner and Anthony Goeckner. Top Geometry Students-Owen Anderson, Sam Mager and Carson Forsman. Outstanding Growth Award/Math-Conrad Duman.
Art Awards: Senior Artists of the Year-Faith Uhlenkott and Mykaela McWilliams. Outstanding Students in Art-Noelle Uhlenkott, Sierra Chapman, Laney Uhlenkott, Calli Perrin.
Science Awards: Physical Science-Sam Mager. Biology-Carson Schmidt and Ellea Poxleitner. Advanced Biology-Anthony Karel. Natural Science-Haley Enneking. Most Improved-James Rainwater and Julie Wemhoff.
Sewing Awards-Needle & Thread-new generation quilters-Sabrina Lustig, NaoniaNuttman and Kendra Duclos. Golden Needle & Thread-Top Quilters-Ellea Poxleitner, Maria Schmidt and Kodie Tidwell. Perseverance Quilter: Made it 4 Years-Lindsey Goeckner. Creativity Awards-Jade Peery and Emma Gehring. Teacher’s Award (Sewing)-Lindsey Goeckner, Molly Schwartz and Anna Kaschmitter. Most Improved (Sewing)-Jayce Rambo and Brooklyn Riener.
Interscholastic Star Award-Chaye Uptmor.
Students of the Month: September-Anthony Karel and Chaye Uptmor. October-Terran Vanator and Alexis Shears. November-Tucker Hibbard and Brandon Anderson. December-Carson Schmidt and Jacey Rambo. January-Mykaela McWilliams and Sydney Bruner. February-Cole Frei, Aaron Gehring, Jade Peery and Haley Enneking. March-Leah Higgins and Jace Perrin. April-Molly Schwartz and Josie Peery. May-Madison Hinkelman and Ryan Arnzen.
Student of the Year-Haley Enneking.
King of Sports-Brandon Anderson.
Queen of Sports-Chaye Uptmor.
Athletes of the Year-Brandon Anderson and Chaye Uptmor.
The “Prize”-Stephanie Jungert.

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