Workmans are grand marshals
By Lorie Palmer
Idaho County Free Press
“It’s difficult to run an Idaho County area name by Rich and Becky Workman and stump them. Not only do they know a lot of people, they also know those people’s kids and grandkids.
The Workmans are the Idaho County Fair grand marshals for 2017.
“She had to talk me into it,” Rich smiled, nodding toward his wife. “But I’ve been doing what she says for 61 years – why stop now?”
Becky rolled her eyes and smiled.
“We’re honored,” she said.
The two met when she was just 16. They knew each other two months when they eloped.
Knowing the right people helped here, as a little white lie about Becky’s age (now 17) allowed them to marry.
“Heck – maybe we’re not even legal?” he laughed, glancing sideways at his bride.
Becky takes it in stride with a grin, shaking her head.
The marriage they heard would “never last” has been going strong through the joys and heartaches life has offered.
Becky Ivie was raised in Kamiah and Rich was born and raised in and on the Grangeville prairie. The couple made their home in Grangeville where he worked for Union Warehouse (now CHS Primeland).
They raised three children in their home her father built for them on corner of Jefferson and D streets. Rick, Tracy and Lisa all attended Grangeville High, practically right outside their back door.
“Lots of sports, lots of activities to attend,” Becky smiled.
When their youngest child, Lisa, was in second grade, Becky started working as a substitute in the kitchen at the school. Thirty-nine years in, she is still subbing.
“After 10 years I began work as a paraprofessional and worked in preschool, Head Start and with all ages in the elementary school,” she said. “Most recently, she has worked as a sub at GHS.
Rich retired from Union Warehouse in 1996 – but then ended up working for another seven years when he was called back. He worked in real estate for Wolfinger Land and Auction and most recently at Central Idaho Properties.
“I always liked selling land,” he said. “I’ve met a lot of great people across the region that way. I have some really good memories.”
He was involved in Jaycees, the Grangeville Volunteer Fire Department (29 years), was on Grangeville City Council for 16 years and served as Grangeville mayor for four years. He is also a 55-year member of the Grangeville Elks Lodge. She spent years as a member of the Idaho County Homemakers Club and they attend Grangeville Christian Church.
Both daughters took sheep projects in 4-H and Becky was a 4-H camp cook for years. Daughter Lisa was part of the Idaho County Fair royalty court in 1979 and it was at that time the Workmans secured a float trailer from Union Warehouse that courts still use to this day. They were also among the first families to camp at the fairgrounds about 50 years back.
The Workmans have been in their Grangeville home for 56 years and now have 11 grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.
In some ways, things haven’t changed much at the Workman house from years past. Their youngest grandson, Trey Dreadfulwater, visits their home every school day, often eating breakfast and lunch there. He will be a sophomore in the fall and is involved in sports and music as well as being a good student. This all adds up to Rich and Becky doing what they have done for years – attending ball games, concerts, other school events and generally supporting their family.

Rich and Becky Workman of Grangeville will serve as Grand Marshals for the 2017 Idaho County Fair. Photo by Lorie Palmer, Idaho County Free Press.

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