Booster Club celebrates 30th year
The year was 1987, the movement was to find ways to support Prairie students in their academics and activities.  Approximately 30 parents, teachers and administrators gathered and formed the Prairie Booster Club  The results over the past 30 years has been amazing for spirit and financial support of students of our local school district.  
We are looking for the 1987 charter group to reminisce about the early years of the Booster Club.  The first officers of the Boosters were Dave Shears, Pres., Ted Arnzen VP, and Patsy Roberts, Sec.  The members we can recall are: Dave & Theresa Shears, Ted & Linda Arnzen, Bill & Patsy Roberts, Gordon & Marilyn Harman, Jim & Sally Rehder, Ingrid and Boots Mader, Jerry & Janet Richardson, Jake & Marrianne Wren, Chris Wren, Mike & Mary Williams and Tim Bruce.  Please contact the current officers if anyone recalls the additional members of the charter group--Glenn Poxleitner, Pres., Cara Uhlenkott, VP,  Linda Nida, Sec, Denise Uhlenkott, Treas.  
There will be an anniversary celebration at the Wolf Track in Cottonwood on Sept 13 from 5:30- 7pm, all are invited.  Hamburgers/hotdogs will be provided.  Please bring a side dish.  A report of the activities and total dollars raised over the past 30 will be reported at this event.
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