Cottonwood City Council meets
Newly elected Cottonwood City Council member Daniel Sigler had to turn in his resignation due relocation to the Boise area for a new job.
At the Council meeting Monday, Feb. 12, Linda Nida, who had been defeated by Sigler in the election, agreed to retake the position and her appointment was approved by the Council.
Doug Ulmer gave his monthly report from the Idaho County Sheriff’s Dept. He reported 111 calls and 14 citations. They had one 37 mile high speed car chase that started with running a stop sign. Along the way the perpetrator rammed police cars a couple times.
In reports police chief Terry Cochran was asked about the police pickup. He said the mechanic will dig into it to see what the problem is. The mechanic was sure it would be covered by warranty. Meanwhile they are looking into options for a replacement vehicle if the current can’t be fixed.
Pat Holthaus reported 2.4 million gallons of water were pumped in January with just under 2 million sold for a loss of about 17%. All the tests came back good.
In the sewer report Lynn Guyer said things are running smoothly. Roy Uhlenkott said with the transition from the EPA to the Idaho DEQ there may be some extra paperwork in the near future.
Jack Duman reported they are looking to put paving out to bid with plans to open bids at the March 12 meeting. Otherwise things are nice and quiet in the street department.
Clint Riener, airport manager, reported that he and Nick Seubert looked at patching the apron areas at each end of the runway and decided not to. There is no base under them and to be done right they need to be torn down and a base put down, then pave over that. They also need to put some gravel down on the runway shoulders because currently there is about a 2 inch dropoff. He’s looking at getting a couple ton of gravel when Seubert’s crushes. As a future project he would like to see the grassy area behind the Gun Club turned into a tiedown area.
Riener also requested if it was possible to waive his $100 airport annual lease payment as compensation for being airport manager. City Attorney Joe Wright said that wouldn’t really be legal but there are ways to compensate him. The council voted to offer 1099 compensation of $100 to Riener.
Greg Danly was present as he has been voted in as fire chief by the department. Mayor Pepper Harman appointedDanly as fire chief and Nida to be the Land & Buildings Commissioner and the Fire Commissioner, the two positions Sigler had been appointed to. The council voted to approve the appointments.
In other business it was approved to offer a 457 retirement plan to city employees. This is a state of Idaho plan and would come at no cost and very little extra work for the city.
CEDA training on rewriting the comprehensive plan is being taken by the mayor, clerk and a couple other volunteers. A contract is involved where CEDA could help with the rewrite. Action on the contract was tabled for further study.
Cochran discussed a Red Cross Facility Agreement. This would allow the Community Hall to be used as an emergency evacuation facility. Having the Red Cross do it would incur no cost to the city as they would pay any utilities or cleaning costs. 
Duman said he would like to study this more before taking action. Cochran said he could have the Red Cross representative at the next meeting to further explain things. Cochran said this is something that has been in the works for quite some time. The council voted to table action to the next meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, March 12 at 7 p.m.

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