Open house for Dr. Jones
A few of the many in our communities whose lives Dr. Jones has touched are sponsoring an open house in honor of Dr. Jones on Sunday, April 8, 2018 at the Cottonwood Community Hall from 1 to 3 p.m.
The sudden, unexpected departure of Dr. Jones from his medical practice involving the care of numerous members of the surrounding communities has left many of us wanting an opportunity to express to Dr. Jones our appreciation and gratitude for his steadfast dedication and service to his patients, co-workers and communities. Dr. Jones has given a large part of his life to St. Mary’s Hospital and his patients and has been a constant in our lives for many years. His patients know he would not have chosen to end his relationship with them in this abrupt manner if that was an option. Someone who has cared for you and been your doctor for so long is not easily, if ever, replaced. 
All are welcome – let’s show Dr. Jones how much WE care!
Here’s your chance – Dr. Jones will be in – 
Show him you appreciate all he’s done for you and your kin;
We all know someone of whom he took care,
Only taking time out to hunt cougar or bear!
Thank him for his dedication and years spent
Bringing comfort, trust and wisdom wherever he went;
Curing our ailments from our toes to our head,
Even when it meant not getting to sleep in his bed!
He has been there for us through thick and thin – 
For catching our babies to stitching our skin;
ONE-OF-A-KIND DOCTOR dedicated ot his call,
Esteemed by so many, always there for us all.
There’s no filling the shoes that he was worn,
Seeming him go leaves many of us torn.
It’s hard to imagine this chapter has come to an end,
Where ever life takes him, he’ll still be out Doc: our friend.
So please stop and sit for a spell,
And tell Dr. Jones that you wish him well!
Don’t forget to share a story or two,
For DOC JONES, we dearly MISS YOU!

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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