Cottonwood to proceed with hydrology study
The City of Cottonwood voted to proceed with the hydrology study, expanding the scope to include the area up King St. from Main to Butler, at the August meeting of the city council Monday, August 13.
Great West Engineering, Inc. will do the hydrology study for $44,600. This study will give them some actual data they can use in seeking a FEMA grant to help pay the costs of the proposed stormwater project. Engineer Keri Hill of Great West said FEMA liked their project when it was submitted last year for a grant but needed data to consider approval. The City is also seeking a Community Development Block Grant of up to $500,000 to go toward this project. The City would also need to pass a revenue bond to go toward the matching funds requirements of the grants.
Angie Edwards-Kuskie of CEDA said the revenue bond would be needed to get the block grant. She also said an income study may need to be run as census data shows not enough Cottonwood residents qualify as low income residents to receive a block grant.
In other business Dale and Linda Hemerick were present to express concerns about a neighbor who appears to be circumventing city laws regarding putting an RV park on his property. Mayor Pepper Harman asked the Hemericks to give him a list of their concerns and he and the council will look into them.
In unfinished business, the city received no bids on the Fire Department’s surplus items. They can now proceed to dispose of them however they wish, as in donating to some other fire department, etc. Police Chief Terry Cochran said he had some leads on interested area fire departments.
The Fiscal Year 2019 tentative budget was approved and appears on page 15 of this week’s Chronicle. The Budget Hearing is set for Monday, August 27 at 7 p.m.
In new business the footbridge across Cottonwood Creek to the Simon Building was discussed. It is in bad shape and is in real need of repair or replacement. Mayor Harman offered to help with the work.
In reports Pat Holthaus reported the city pumped 7 million gallons of water in July and sold 6.7 million. After known unmetered uses were deducted there was about 242,000 gallons lost, 3%. Roy Uhlenkott reported he fixed 2 water leaks in the past month. Uhlenkott also reported they got approval for a chlorinator for well #4, which is the one located at the City Park.
There was nothing to report from either the sewer or airport.
Jack Duman reported the Broadway project is pretty much done. Holthaus praised whoever did the patching at the Lewiston St.-Front St. intersection.
Linda Nida reported there were some concerns from senior citizens on use of the Senior Center. Nida said she will pass along copies of the agreement which includes uses.
Nida reported the Fire Department assisted on the accident Sunday evening at the south entrance to town on Highway 95 but had no other calls during the month.
The board adjourned at 8:12 p.m. Their next meeting will be the budget hearing on Monday, August 27. The next regular meeting will be Monday, Sept. 10 at 7 p.m.

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