A tribute to veterans
The following was submitted to the Chronicle and we thought it appropriate for this week of  honoring veterans.
Many people travel to our shores to escape their world of strife 
And leave their troubled lands behind to enjoy our way of life.
But our way of life in America didn’t come easy so don’t forget
If you love what we enjoy today be sure and thank a Vet. 
They shed their blood on foreign soil to help keep others free
And many never came back home to their wives and families. 
Many fathers, sons and daughters still battle in distant lands.
May they never be forgotten, nor the fight they have at hand. 
The bells will toll in their honor as long as we never forget why America is what it is today. 
Thank God and thank a Vet.
Home of the free because of the brave.

Brad Berdoy, Navy veteran who served on submarines, was the Veterans Day program guest speaker.

The VFW provided the color guard as Anna Everson sings “The Star Spangled Banner” to open the Veterans Day assembly.

The Prairie Jr./Sr. High School Band at the Veterans Day assembly.

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