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By:  Carla Wilkins
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The entire list of classes offered this spring can be found on the “Grangeville LCSC Outreach” Facebook page.  
Google Docs
Tues. March 17th; 6-8PM
By: Elijah Zeida; Cost: $35
There’s no longer any reason to carry a flash drive. Simplify your life by learning Google Docs so you can access your work product from anywhere! This class will teach you the basics of Google docs, how to use it on a mobile device as well as your PC, and some tips and tricks! Learn how to edit documents, work with images & tables, how to collaborate and share your docs.
Travel Smart
Wed. March 18th; 6-8PM
By: Carla Wilkins; Cost $15
Do you still check a huge bag at the airport? What’s your lost luggage or lost wallet strategy? Do you have extra apps loaded onto your smart phone to make vacationing easier? This class teaches how to use your phone to advantage, how to pack smarter, book cheaper tickets, and ways to prepare ahead so your vacation does what it’s meant to do – help you relax and have fun.
Clean Your Mac Computer
Tues. March 24th; 6-8
By: Elijah Zeida; Cost: $35
Bring your Macintosh laptop and power cord and learn how to remove malware, junk files, and fix problems that are slowing down your machine. This is a hands-on class that teaches you how to keep your laptop running at peak proficiency. This class is for Macintosh laptops only.
Website Content and SEO
Wed. March 25th; 1-3:30PM
By:  Barbara Leachman; Cost: $30
When you use Google Maps, have you ever wondered how businesses get themselves to show on the map?  Do you realize that understanding Google algorithms is necessary for having your business name show up in searches early, rather than being relegated to page 1,000?  Improve your website using content for search engines and building trust. Use maps, social media, and learn affordable ways to market your business.

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