Future Clinicians
On January 24th two student groups from our local Prairie High School HOSA chapter completed a community awareness and health education program with all students at Prairie Elementary School. 
Kristen Wemhoff, Riley Enneking and Amelia Uhlenkott organized six games that encouraged students first through sixth grades to become more active and choose a healthy lifestyle over a sedentary one.  These games included activity dice, relay races, color toss, mushroom ball and dodge ball in twenty-minute sessions.  Members are hoping that by showing elementary students fun and engaging activities while they are young it will keep them physically active throughout their lives. 
In addition, members from an additional HOSA team including Tara Schlader, Ali Rehder and Laney Forsmann completed The Future Clinicians Project by bringing in several members of our medical community to teach the third through sixth-grade students about different careers in their chosen field.  These careers included x-ray tech, sonography, physical therapy, pharmacy, and lab technician. Staff in these medical fields came in to discuss what their daily lives like, what classes to take in college and show students some of the equipment within their career. Kindergarten, first grade, and second-grade students went through a series of hygiene presentations discussing hands and hair, dental care and healthy food choices.  The girls themselves presented the information to the students in forty-minute sessions.  

Riley Enneking, Kristin Wemhoff and Amelia Uhlenkott were one of the PHS HOSA groups to do a presentation at the Elementary School Jan. 24.

Laney Forsmann, Ali Rehder and Tara Schlader made up the other PHS HOSA group.

Several more photos from the HOSA presentations. All photos provided by Elizabeth McLeod.

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