Guyer to run for State Representative
My name is Lynn Guyer and I am running for Idaho State Representative in District 7 Seat A.  I was born and raised in Idaho and believe in our conservative values that we need to continue to defend.  My wife Susan and I have been in Cottonwood since June of 2003.  Susan was actually raised here graduating from Prairie High School.  While growing up I had many jobs which gave me a strong work ethic.  I first started mowing yards at age 8 and ending when I was 15 where I had over twenty yards I cared for.  During the summers in high school and college I worked for local ranchers and farmers.  This gave me a deep appreciation of the work that these individuals do from sun up to sun down and more.  Below is my platform:
I am pro second amendment and a NRA member
I am pro-life
I support all first re-responders.
I believe Idaho needs to protect its' public grounds to allow for hunting, fishing and recreation, from out of state investors such as the Wilks Brothers.  They have a history of restricting access to Idahoans and the lands we love after decades of being able to use these lands.  This is wrong
We need Boise to remember that it is important to invest in rural communities.  This includes broadband, education, roads and bridges.
Accurate history needs to be taught in our classrooms.  Tearing down monuments and changing our history means we could possibly repeat it. 
I believe in accountability in the State budget.  State agencies need to be accountable for their spending.
We need to address mental health and substance abuse issues in Idaho.  Investing in our health workforce is beneficial to our public health and the economy in terms of economic output.


















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