CIAA announces art show winners
Central Idaho Art Association (CIAA) is pleased to announce the awards for the 2022 Spring Art Show. This was the first year the show was proud to have two judges. Liz Clark, the Fine Arts judge, awarded the BEST OF SHOW to Pearl Maxner for her watercolor “Marion Shephard”. Kristy DeYoung, the photography judge, awarded the BEST OF SHOW to David Martin for his “Wild Blues”.
First Place awards Liz Clark presented for Fine Arts were to:  Carrie Jo Rehfeld for her oil, “Sandpiper Reflection”; Doug Boomer for his acrylic, “Bales of Hay”; Jackie Zumalt for her watercolor, “Stand-Up”; Debra Barnett for her mixed media, “Elk Herd”. Ms. Clark presented second place awards to: Carrie Jo Rehfeld for her oil, “Cottonwood Butte”; Leah Harvey for her acrylic, “Hunting Along the Snake”; Suzie Barnett for her watercolor, “The New Girl”; Joy Perkins for her mixed media, “Looking Back”. Third place awards Ms. Clark presented to: Doug boomer for his oil, “Bear Claw” and for his acrylic, “Mustangs”; Suzie Barnett for her watercolor, “Day Gone By”; Kathryn Van Acker for her mixed media, “Geological”. An Honorable Mention awards for watercolor paintings were given to Stephanie Merrill for “Mustang” and to Pearl Maxner for “My Jewel”. The Gallery Award went to Pearl Maxner for her watercolor, “Ready for Show”.
People’s Choice and Kid’s Choice awards went to David Martin for his “Wild Blues”.  The second Kid’s Choice award went to Sharon Dunlap for “The Contender”. Winner of the Raffle for Lola’s Phar’s original oil of “White Bird” was Ellamae Holes.
Kristy DeYoung awarded Photography ribbons:  First and second place to David Martin for his “Stars and Stripes” and “After the Storm”, respectively. Third place awards went to Marlene ONeill for her “O’Neill Sunset”, and to Sam Perkins for his “Looking Ahead”.
CIAA thanks the Idaho County Free Press, the Clearwater Progress, the Cottonwood Chronicle, the Clearwater Tribune, the Lewis County Herald and the Grangeville Board (on courthouse lawn) who promoted the show; it thanks the judges who gave the show value, the artists and artist workers who put up the show and all supporters who celebrated and made it a part of our community!! Thank you!

David Martin, right, was judged Best of Show in the photography division at the CIAA Spring Show. Pearl Maxner, left was judged best of show for her watercolor painting. Photo provided by Marlene O’Neill.






















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