Election is next Tuesday
The general election is set for next Tuesday, Nov. 8 with polls open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Most of the contested races are at the state-wide level as Republicans Cindy Carlson for District 7 State Senator and Mike Kingsley and Charlie Shepherd for District 7 State Representative Position A and B respectively are unopposed. All the County positions are also unopposed with Ted Lindsley and Denis Duman for Country Commissioner, Kathy Ackerman for Clerk of the District Court, Abbie Hudson for County Treasurer, Kim Nuxoll for County Assessor and Cody Funke for County Coroner, all Republicans, are the only names on the ballot.
The only local contested race is the runoff between John Bradbury and Michelle Evans for District Court Judge to succeed Jay Gaskill.
There are a couple of ballot questions. SJR 102 which would allow the State Legislature to reconvene themselves for special sessions on 60% approval vote of the body.
The other question is an advisory question asking if voters approve of using the budget surplus to refund $500 million back to taxpayers, cut ongoing income taxes by more than $150 million and increase educational funding by $410 million.
Sample ballots can be found below.






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