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Ticket sales were slow and attendance was down slightly but the end result was good. The hall was decorated beautifully by Lorraine Nuxoll and girls. A very enthusiastic crowd enjoyed an evening of delicious food and the silent auction. Auctioneer Dennis Rowland assisted by Brent Rowland and M.C. Jim Rehder, kept the live auction going with lots of enthusiasm and entertainment. Good dance music and entertainment by the Coffey Twins and Satins completed the evening. Another successful year ”in the book” at the Library.
Winners in the food and drink competition were Jean Anglen, Sister Chennelle, Eric Wassmuth and Terri Duman. Ingrid Madar took home the prize for the 50-50 event.
New this year and well received was the “cork” sale for a bottle of wine. Also new was the dance contest and receiving a trophy for their performance were Mary and John Funke, Bud and Sylvia Uhling and Greg Fry. This was a surprise not only to them but also to the crowd for no one knew there was a contest going on until Board member Jane Burgess announced that she was the judge and these were the results. Good Job, Jane.
The Library Board appreciate the support from the community and from each individual who took time from their busy schedule to contribute in so many ways. The crew from N.I.C.I. have been there each year to help set up the hall which is no small task. The Boy Scouts and their families are there to take down the chairs and tables and clean up the hall. They also returned the borrowed risers to the Prairie school directed. Dave Shears and crew loaded and delivered them to the hall on Friday. 
There are many more individuals who helped or contributed in some way to make this event the success it was. You know who you are and so do we.
Thank you so much.

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