November is Diabetes Awareness Month
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and St. Mary’s Hospital & Clinics offers specialized services to Anna Wrenhelp you understand and manage this all too prevalent disease. One in 10 Americans has diabetes and another 84 million adults in the US are at high risk of developing it.  Diabetic Self-Management Educator, Anna Wren, sees patients from any provider in Kamiah, Cottonwood, and Grangeville, to help patients and their families learn and practice the most effective ways to manage their diabetes and live healthy and full lives.
“When people are diagnosed with diabetes, it can be confusing and scary”, says Anna.  “Almost everyone knows about diabetes, but it can be difficult to understand.  We explain not only what the disease is, but how it progresses and, most importantly, how it can be controlled.”  Anna says that there are several different types of diabetes that affect children, teens, adults, and expectant mothers, and each has its own unique set of challenges.
“Diabetes education is typically covered by insurance,” continued Anna. “We work closely with your primary care provider on medication management.  During the course of the program we address healthy eating, exercise, coping skills, self-monitoring, and we work to coordinate any other care you may require.  We encourage you to bring a support person with you whenever possible so that the people around you can learn how they can help.”
With Thanksgiving approaching, here are some healthy holiday tips:
Use fat free broth to baste your turkey
Eat slowly!
Don’t waste your calories on food that you can have all year long
Consider the calories that you drink (soda, punch, cider, etc.)
Be sure to check with your doctor before drinking alcohol
If you or a loved one has diabetes, please contact St. Mary’s at 208-962-3251 and let us help.

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