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Redneck Review!
No. 134 - 11/13/17
In the near future, this column will review in detail the comments made last week about Crockett's "Not Yours to Give," Bastiat's "Legal Plunder," and the claim by professor Alexander Tyler about 100 years ago that "Democracies only live about 250 years before demands of the voters slowly drive them into serious debt and bankruptcy.
But this week that review will be interrupted by the many things that pop up in the news currently, and which suggests here that we think about the following question!  Of the three major political forces operating in the world today, which of the three promise the best living conditions, and therefore should be supported by anyone who uses commonsense, and maybe has a token knowledge of history?
It is asserted here that the Judeo Christian theory that gave birth to the United States is one such force, the atheistic Marxism that arose in Russia in the early 1900s is a second major player in the world today, and that Islam, born in the Middle East with the birth of Muhammad in the 6th c. is a third and very major force shaping events in the world today!
First Christianity.  A brief outline of the major beliefs of this 2000 year old philosophy would include the following:  1)Belief in a personal God with historic son Jesus Christ.  2) A belief in certain absolute unchangeable truths.   3) Human ability to think - a rational intellect.4)Human ability to choose - a free will.  5) Inborn or original sin.- cause of all conflict and 6) Immortality and a heavenly utopia.
A study of this philosophy, the Bible, and the churches which proclaim it would single out the word LOVE as a fundamental belief - Love God with whole heart and soul, love neighbor as oneself!  "Love your enemies...",  "Turn the other cheek..."  Does it not make sense and does history not support the claim that a world living this philosophy would minimize war and conflict, and maximize love of and support of neighbor?
Next, Marxism/Communism:  A similar outline of basic beliefs here would include: 1) Atheism- No God at all.  2) Relativism - No "truth," or evolution of "truth" historically.  3) "Dialectical Materialism" - "Conflict in matter".   4)Economic Determinism - All human action determined by economic factors. 5) Property ownership - cause of all conflict.  6) Earthly utopia Heaven on earth after inevitable economic progress.
Study this theory and its 100-year old history and the most critical word is...  CONFLICT.! Conflict, Marx taught, is the force which moves history from one stage to the next, and that movement is determined and cannot be changed or influenced by people! All who stand in the way of this inevitable progress are simply "liquidated!"
Finally, Islam: The "Five Pillars":  1) The "Shahada"- One God only, Allah, and Muhammad his prophet. 2) "Salat"- Prayer five times daily facing Mecca.  3) "Zakat"- Alms given to less fortunate.4) "Saum"- Fasting dawn to dusk during holy month Ramadan. 5) The "Hajj"- Mecca pilgrimage required once in life.   And of course, a core belief of Islam is  JIHAD!  And what  does Jihad mean to serious Muslims and people contacted by them?  Their bible, the "KORAN" requires their religion only, and FORCED conversion by use of Holy Wars - So JIHAD supports conflict resulting in heavy fines or death to those who will not convert! 
The choice seems obvious! LOVE, CONFLICT, or JIHAD and FORCED CHOICE!!!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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