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Redneck Review!!
This is the week we are told, when our state government decides what to do about SB 1067. Anyone who has kept up with the proposal still has a chance to contact legislators if one's strong opinions are involved. You can log onto the internet, and gather more information on the proposal. One who does so will find that the bill has over 40 pages, and in several places has wording which makes people like me very leery of the agreements forced on recipients like we are asked to become!
And I ask, how can it be otherwise? Foreign countries are involved, and it is an agreement we are asked to sign. It would be very unreasonable to assume that all situations which arise would result in solutions we agree with. Especially when many of those other countries are very different from our own, and operate under laws we would not tolerate here.
Interesting also is the fact we are told that all states must fall in line before this can take place as proposed. To date, about 20 only states have agreed, and any one of the remaining ones, including Idaho, can throw a wrench into the works by simply saying no! Personally, It is my hope and conviction that Idaho will be one of those states!!!
Which triggers another thought that keeps burning in my mind! "We will lose..." we are told, some "36 million dollars of federal money" by refusing to go along with SB 1067. Hmmm?!!? Really??? How can we be comfortable with taking another 36 million from our federal government, when it is technically broke? BROKE I say, be cause no one will ever argue that our19 TRILLION debt will ever be repaid or our government intends to pay it!! In fact, history and current economics calls for more inflation, moderate of course we are told, with a corresponding reduction in the value of the dollar so that the debt is reduced politically. Of course! If the declining dollar goes to zero in value, then so too will the debt become meaningless! Wow!! That must mean that any long term debt I might currently have will also become meaningless! What a thought!! Why can I not keep rolling over my own debt like Uncle Sam does until the shrinking dollar goes to literally zero? Or better yet, should I not be able to simply print up more money like the Federal Reserve does, with their QE (Quantitative Easing) program which has been dumping around 85 billion each month into the economy! Most of which goes to big banks and stock market investments! And of course, all that money means that interest rates are near zero, and will stay there..., as we have just been told again that the FED is now proposing that no rate increase will come until probably September. NICE! (Hey! They do not dare raise it..., because disaster will result!)
A final thought! In this Red Neck's youth, we used to be impressed by figures like one million, then eventually by a BILLION. Now we talk of TRILLIONS! Well, it is hard
to grasp, because even a million is 1000 thousands, while a billion is 1000 millions!
That means of course that a TRILLION is 1000 billions, and we only, I say ONLY are in debt at the national level some 19 TRILLION! So does it make sense I ask, that we ask for just a few more millions from the feds, borrowed money of course, to put into our state treasury, when our state by its constitution cannot operate that way, and as a consequence, has NO LONG TERM DEBT! Please help me understand!!!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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