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Redneck Review!
No. 212 - 5/20/2019
Despite the opening 5-word sentence in the last review here: "Time for a topic windup!" the topic compels me to add one final thought!  An unchallenged reminder that our founding fathers definitely were Bible readers and believers, and for the most part, solid Christians in their beliefs and actions. Therefore, citing the numerous quotations listed here of those same founders, detailed in review 209, it can safely be said that our country got its start by founder belief in individual responsibility based on the Great Commandment: "Love God with whole heart and soul, and neighbor as oneself."  Therefore it follows necessarily that SECULARISM, ignoring a Creator God's role in our lives, and SOCIALISM, its economic  blood brother, which puts the state in the role of provider for the masses, and DEMOCRACY, the political arm of the first two have always appeared together in history, and are closely related today in the effort by many at the government, education, and press level to achieve one or the other!
Bluntly it is claimed here, that when one of the above is growing in popularity, it is a sure and logical conclusion that the other two will be close behind! To put it plainly, an American today who claims to be any one of the above, a SECULARIST, a SOCIALIST,  or an advocate of a DEMOCRACY in government, rather than a REPUBLIC as defined earlier in these reviews, will logically be a backer of the other two!  And politically, where would your vote go, if you are a believer in any one of the above, and thus a backer of all three?  Why the modern DEMOCRATIC PARTY of course!  A no brainer!  The three are linked together "at the hip" as the old saying goes, and a believer in one is forced to accept the other two!  And as claimed in the last review here, why would anyone who has lived and prospered here want to return to the failed "Trinity of beliefs" mentioned above, especially with Venezuela as a modern example? Would someone out there help me understand why their popularity?
Enough!  Late as is often the case, but a serious tribute needs be made to Mother's Day, and those mothers who have inspired us over these years, by fulfilling the role set forth centuries ago in the Bible, "Increase and multiply!" This is in no way a criticism of those families who have been unable to have any children, or who have been limited to one or two because of economic necessity or other valid reasons.  But a well known fact is, that many modern families today often have no time for any children, and casually resort to control methods, or the more barbaric methods of abortion, to avoid raising any children at all!  The abortion statistics alone remind us that modern America is overlooking the sad consequences of 60 million citizens not given the chance to live, grow up, and enjoy the life offered here, sought so desperately by thousands of immigrants who seem willing to do anything to come into our country!
So what are the consequences of this modern mentality? And the publicly stated and officially backed policy of a major political party today?  First, you pick the figure!  We are told that 1 in 6 conceived children since 1973 has been denied life by abortion.  And more recently it has been claimed that the figure might be closer to 1 in 4!  Wow!  To understand these figures, next time you are in a crowd, simply count to six (or four!) over and over, and imagine who would not be here if the abortion statistics would have been applied to your group!  Simply put, imagine that sixth person as NON-EXISTANT!  (Hopefully it is not you if someone else is doing the counting!)
Another fact overlooked today, or deliberately not discussed,  the impact this will have on the future!  Simply put, there will be 60 million younger folks not providing the tax dollars needed to support families relying on Social Security for help in their old age! And ironically, is it not true that those who find the funds not there might be the very ones who refused to contribute to the work force when they had the chance? (Ouch!  I am asking for trouble with these remarks!)
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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