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No to Brother-in-law on County Commission
Of great concern, Idaho County Commissioner Chmelik's brother-in-law, Mark Frei, is a candidate for County Commissioner.  It's bad government to place concentrated power in any one family, no matter who they are. 
The county courthouse, the cornerstone of local government, is the hub for essential services ranging from licenses, voting, business, legal functions, and more.  The County Commission has enormous decision making powers over budget, county operations and they greatly influence decision making at state and federal levels.  We have a critical decision this year in electing our county commissioners. We do not deserve family decision makers, we need balance on the commission to block disposal of public lands, block removal of dumpster sites on the camas prairie, stop spending unnecessary funds ($15,000 to the American Lands Council for public land takeover). 
We need a commissioner to spend time in communities and in the courthouse being open and active while working with other elected officials and staff, being available to listen to and work with citizens. 
Jerry Zumalt is well qualified to be county commissioner. He has experience in county budgeting and operations in his service as County Emergency Management Coordinator.  Avoid voting for Chmelik's brother-in-law on the commission, please vote Jerry Zumalt for Idaho County Commissioner, you will be glad you did.
Jim Rehder

To the editor
Last week there was an ad in the Chronicle from the Republican Party stating that “Democrats will abandon veterans and all military.” That statement is blatantly false. There were 3 Senators and 5 Representatives that recently voted against H.R. 3230, the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014.  The measure passed 420-5 in the House and 91-3 in the Senate. A footnote, all of Idaho’s congressional delegation voted to support the veterans legislation. According to a VFW national message I received, 8 Republicans voted against the veterans support bill.  No Democrats voted against the veterans support legislation; however, 7 Democrats and 6 additional Republicans were not present and did not have a vote counted. See http://www.vfw.org/News-and-Events/Articles/2014-Articles/VFW-Election-Day-Advice/ for the VFW national commander’s statement.
I want to set the record straight that the blanket statement is incorrect.  I hope that both party chairmen ensure media messaging concerning veterans is as accurate as possible, and choose to publish correct(ed) ads in the following weeks. The facts above are available on other public websites that may be used for publication. 
This is not a paid advertisement but just information.  As commander of the VFW Post, I remain non-partisan in an official capacity; however, correcting information concerning veterans is within my purview. This message was courtesy copied to the chairman of the Idaho County Republican Party and the chairman of the Idaho County Democratic Party. 
I want to reiterate that I hope both parties carefully screen their ads for accuracy concerning veteran statements. 
Joe Riener, Post Commander

Letter to the Editor        
The best choice for Idaho County Commissioner is Mark Frei.  He will focus on keeping regulations at a minimum.  He will support bring more industry to our county and making our county a place of economic opportunity.   
He will work to keep limited government, protect our property rights, maintain local control, be a defender of 2nd amendment rights and support family values.  Mark will listen to the voices of the people.
Mark a native of Idaho County, familyman and farmer has the compassion and business experience to serve you well as your Commissioner for Idaho County District 2
On November 4 we are voting for Mark Frei and asking for your vote for Mark " the best man for the job".
Shorty & Marge Arnzen

Letter to the Editor    
Lawerence Denney is the right choice for Secretary of State.  He is a pure Idahoan down-to-earth, honest, intelligent and experienced in rural and state issues from personal experience as a farmer, outdoorsman and legislature leader.
Those who have worked with Denney, all have high regards for his character and willingness to listen to and consider opposing views.  He can be trusted to carry out the duties of Secretary of State with the same success as the previous Secretaries.
He will serve you well on the Land Board.  He’s not in favor of the Land Board purchasing commercial property that competes with business owners.  My opinion Lawerence Denney is the very best candidate for Secretary of State.  Duties of the Secretary of State will be in very capable hands   So vote November 4 for Lawerence Denney!
Rebecca Crea

To the Editor
Have you met Jessica Chilcott?   Wow!  This dynamic, clear-headed, well-spoken young woman is obviously the best choice to actually REPRESENT District 7 in the State Legislature.  Her liveliness, sincerity, intelligence and communication skills are a sharp contrast to the unresponsive incumbent. Think fresh and future!
Shelley Dumas

Support of Mark Frei
In support of Mark Frei I see a self-employed farmer and rancher who is an independent thinker, willing to solve problems, who is sincerely concerned for the future in Idaho County.  He has chosen to raise his young family here, by returning to Grangeville, Idaho after a successful accounting and field management business elsewhere. He is an honorable man who successfully graduated Summa Cum Laude of his college graduating class from Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. 
He has a win/win attitude for Idaho County. His statement “I would be honored to serve the people of Idaho County, upholding our strong family values and putting my  leadership and people skills to work for you.”
I will vote for Mark Frei. He has my best interests at heart.
Betty Alm

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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