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Redneck Review!
No. 117 - 7/17/2017
Recently it seems that every review that comes to mind is centered around the theme of "Battle!"  Review 112 explored the struggle that older folks have living out the "Golden Years" when the reality of getting up from a down position, or picking something off the floor all ofa sudden becomes a major task that at one time was done so easily and with no effort at all! Yeh... those of us living those golden years know that life itself becomes a BATTLE!
Then #113 posed some questions about the battle or struggle which faces each of us everyday, as the constant conflict between each individual's desire to "do it my own way," often comes into sharp conflict with someone else attempting to do the same. At the local and personal level, the clash can destroy individual relationships, and often times at the national level has led to death and all out war.  It was suggested at that time that the parting advice of dying-of-cancer NFL football player Brian Piccolo might provide a solution... that is to live out the slogan, "The Lord is first, my friends are second, and I am third."
Review 114 returned to the theme, suggesting that some method of resolving disputes, bethey between individuals, families, ethnic groups or nations, need be agreed to, even if it be such a simple thing as tossing a coin, maybe arm wrestling, or drawing straws!  And the last reviews before this one commented on the illusive goal of achieving "PEACE" to resolve the battles that occur so naturally when different individual and national desires are involved. Suggested at the time was the power of PRAYER, and living out the Great Commandment given us 2000 years ago:  "Love the Lord your God with your whole heart, your whole mind, your whole soul, and love your neighbor as yourself."  Common sense and history teaches us that conflicts and battles can be resolved and peace obtained by genuine efforts to put these traditional suggestions into practice.
Noting long term trends today and analyzing current events, it becomes clear that another very significant and important struggle is going on in our world today and all around us in fact. That is the basic clash over the role to be played by, and the very nature of,  the individual.
On the one hand, you have the traditional and Christian conviction that each person is a unique and valuable individual with an immortal soul, and the ability and the responsibility to care for one self and the welfare of your neighbor. Individual differences are recognized by this theory, and it is understood that differing contributions to a neighbor's welfare will result naturally in a different level of wealth accumulated as a result.  When legitimately earned, the wealthiest or richest person in a community is the most valuable one,  and the one who has made the best and the greatest contribution to the welfare of the group.
Contrast that now with the "politically correct" and more current conviction that every individual is entitled to the same things in life, equal standards of living, equal healthcare, equal education, equal this, equal that.  And who is to provide this "equality of output?"  Government of course, with a socialist type group at the top responsible for seeing that all of the good things of life are shared equally!  And who is to pay for this forced equality?  Well, traditionally, it is the producer who is so forced to share,  or more recently, the huge debt required to equalize everything is to be passed on to future generations.  Either that or it results in bankruptcy and will not be paid at all.  And everyone knows who suffers when bankruptcy occurs!
Concerned citizens know these contrasting opinions are splitting our country into two warring camps that threaten our very national existence.  So, one asks, is there a solution in sight?
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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