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Redneck Review
No. 41 2/1/2016
Now might be the time to take a closer look at topics recently discussed in this RNR. Some time has been spent discussing our economy, and even that of the world. Huge debt seems to be a problem everywhere, with a constant call for big banks to ward off recessions by injecting more money. Yet the problems persist, and grow even larger!
And recently we have been exposed to a steady diet of publicity claiming that climate change and global warming is threatening our future existence. Amazingly, there seems a total  unwillingness on the part of the doomsday predictors to consider the huge mass of evidence that it is no problem at all, but maybe only artificially contrived!
So, is there an explanation for all this, and maybe a simple answer being overlooked?
I submit that the answer can be traced back to a growing tendency over the past few years, centuries in fact, that mankind is in total control. The Industrial Revolution followed the period in history called The Enlightenment. Historians trace this period to roughly the 18th century, followed by the Industrial Revolution which is historically dated in the early 19th century.
Important men during the early Enlightenment included Francis Bacon, Thomas Hobbes, Renee Descartes, Kepler, Leibniz, and the German Emmanuel Kant. Later, came two French philosophers, Diderot, whose "Encyclopedie," "brought together leading authors to produce an ambitious compilation of human knowledge," and Voltaire, who authored his "Philosophical Dictionary," summarized by one historian as a "Chaos of clear ideas." Foremost among these was the notion that "everything in the universe could be rationally demystified and cataloged."
A study of these periods not only showcases impressive and very legitimate breakthroughs in human knowledge and accomplishments, but also hints at a growing conviction that our human family is totally in charge of our existence and our destiny. As the decades rolled by, right up to our present time, there has been a slow erosion in a feeling of dependence on God, and a look instead, to the expertise of our elite, our leaders in the fields of economics, politics, and social affairs.
Bluntly, too wide spread is the conviction, especially among the well educated and national leaders, that the old fashioned God, the creator, redeemer and sustainer of all life, is no longer needed, that we are capable of solving all problems and creating a gradually better life for us all. We see this preached repeatedly in this country, that the FED, our Federal Reserve Bank, has brought us out of the recession after 2008, by its careful manipulation of interest rates and "quantitative easing," the creation of electronic money in other words.
And we hear about it when our environment is concerned, that the recent climate meeting in Paris is working on a world-wide agreement that will reduce carbon emissions, and save us from the projected disaster coming because of global warming and climate change!
And yes, all of these actions by the "experts," will result of course in more restrictions on our daily lives, more taxes to pay for the inevitable regulations, and another huge increase in the power of the governing body involved! One wonders if this is not a planned agenda!!
Jake Wren 

To the Editor
The following information is for anyone thinking about filing to run for an Idaho County position, i.e. commissioner.
The way to start the process is to go to the Idaho County Court House on Main Street in Grangeville and stop in at Room 5 on the main floor.
Jessie will give you the filing paper, a declaration of candidacy, with a petition on the back for your supporters' signatures.
You must get either five signatures from registered voters or pay forty dollars.
Return the declaration with the signatures or the  money, to Room 5, between February 29 and March 11.
That's it!
Michelle Perdue

Dear Editor:
Okay, so maybe moving in and taking over the Malheur Wildlife refuge in Oregon wasn't the wisest, best approach for patriotic justice seekers to use to show support for their imprisoned brothers, nor in any other attempts to appeal to those far-more-permanent GOVERNMENT OCCUPIERS for "redress of grievances," a right secured and supposedly guaranteed to us all within the freedom documents founding our nation.  Again, given everything that (governmentally) we the American people are presently up against, the sit-in probably wasn't the smartest tactic.  Personally, I have to wonder if the group might even have had some outside "help" nudging them in that futile direction.  It wouldn't be the first time.
At any rate, though  -  and much more importantly  -  I ask that we compare these folks' audacious "crime," carried out non-violently, even respectfully, to what was soon to come against them from a conspiring cadre of paid "public servants" from the FBI and from many Oregon state, county and local officials.
Is there any possible, fair comparison between the courageous (even if misguided) actions of this unorganized citizen group and the murderous, conniving thuggery that took place at the massive highway stake-out, the totally unprovoked and unnecessary execution of an entrapped citizen there in the snow - - that along with the absolute horrific barrage of weaponry that rained down upon the equally non-combative passengers still inside the now deceased man's truck?!  (And rogue government agencies like this preach to us about evil terrorism??!!)   May Heaven deliver us all, as I believe It certainly did the survivors of this latest, demonic assault.
Just when will be the right and efficacious time for the people of this Land to begin to rein in and hold accountable these types of out-of-control "authorities" obviously drunk with power and bent on destroying our lives and livelihood?
Carol Asher

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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