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Redneck Review!
No. 203 - 3/18/2019
America!  It is obvious that we are now at a crossroads!  The battle lines are clearly drawn, and the advocates on either side are starting to realize that the future of our United States is awaiting the outcome!  On the more traditional side one finds the large percentage of Americans who value our heritage, the contribution made to our country's 200+ history of belief in God and Christianity, and the system given us by our founding fathers, a clearly stated Declaration of Independence and our Constitution which enshrines it.  Basically, we accept the statement: "All men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
Because of this foundation, most of the 80% of Americans who claim to be Christian, still believe in the Ten Commandments, and the greatest of all command-ments in the words of our Lord Himself: "Love God with your whole heart... and your neighbor as yourself." As a consequence, that 80% still believe that all races and all creeds are indeed our brothers, and thus entitled to be treated so.  That belief requires that each of us be responsible not only for ourselves, but for brothers in need, whether near neighbors or strangers from afar.
Logic tells us that our traditional economic system of free enterprise awards those who can make significant and life changing contributions to our welfare  with legitimately earned profits.  Such profits in turn create work opportunities for millions who are employed by the wealthy!  Consider a few small examples;  the thousands and thousands of employees of companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Ford, General Motors... more examples can be found easily.  WITHOUT THESE COMPANIES, not only would their founders not be wealthy, but millions and millions of workers would be without employment.  Today in our current economy, "Help Wanted" signs can be found all across the U. S. for those who wish to work and care for themselves... really, a requirement of our traditional system!
Now contrast this with the growing support for secularism in culture and socialism in today's society.  There you find God is pushed aside as a caring and creator deity, WHO expects us HIS  followers to obey HIS Commandments, and care for oneself and each other.  In its place we find the belief that mankind himself provides the solution to all problems, and that those in government are thus responsible for seeing that all people are guaranteed the same amount of available goods, and access to all the benefits that accrue to the wealthy in a free enterprise economy. Thus the followers shout loudly for heavier taxes on the wealthy, and for free health care, education, housing and even guaranteed minimum incomes for every one.
Digging deeper we find traditional Americans have a healthy respect for life and for individuals of all races and individual differences.  On the other side, the secular and the socialist has now made very clear that life itself can be snuffed out at the whims of mothers and doctors, even in the rare case that a living baby can survive the abortion process. (See the recent New York law just passed and being imitated by other states.)
Whereas the traditional view of wealth, legitimately earned, is a valid response to those who provide rare and needed solutions to everyday needs, like Henry Ford and his automobile, etc., etc., etc. The current secular, socialist attitude is that the wealthy are, in terms Karl Marx make famous, "exploiters of the poor and the working man," and thus should pay heavy if not total taxes which are then to be given to the poor. Just listen to the new crop of newcomers who want to be president and who are already campaigning for the 2020 election! And the scary and incredible thing is that a large percentage of our young and our immigrants are believers!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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