Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor,
Well, here I am again. Again I want to let everyone in this community know how fortunate you are to live here. Coming from the outside to a community where everyone is related either by blood or marriage you might take for granted that you see everyone sometime. Well, I think this is the time of year to forgive and forget past hurts and disagreements. Soooo, to try and get this community out and about and meet new people here and also see what is new, I would like to do an ornament exchange.  STOPÖit is easy and you do have time and I know you will be blessed because of it.
The library has some new board members you should meet and the library has a new face lift. SOÖ.come and see all the new changes and the new books and put in your wish list for books you would like to read and we will do out best to provide them. 
All you have to do is bring and ornament and trade with someone else there. Maybe there is one you donít really want or you are downsizing some. So bring it and trade with someone else. 
This event could be annual and may be a way of making new friends and renewing old friends. Bring you children and let them check out a book and see the new mural in the childrenís section. 
The exchange will be this coming Saturday, Dec. 20 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the library. Maybe this is one way to shut me up so I donít keep writing to everyone and maybe it wonít. I wouldnít count on it but at least if you come I will be there and you can tell me in person. (Hahahaha).
Jane Burgess

Dear Editor and Cottonwood Area
I, Santa, was very pleased by the welcome of the community and impressed with the lighted Christmas Parade.  The Volunteer Fire Department was extremely helpful and friendly. They did a good job of keeping Satanís sleigh moving and Jesse Bruegeman did a wonderful job of driving it. I appreciate it.
You can be very proud of your area 4-H youth. They for sure are on Santaís good list. The Cottonwood Saddlers and Livestock 4-H Club did a wonderful job of organizing the parade and getting the message out. The Idaho County Citizen Washington Focus 4-H, they were awesome hosts for Santaís visit at the Fire Station. 
Dare we forget the big kids, The Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce for support Santaís visit and providing the treats for the little one. The kids were well behaved, polite and just plan nice. I didnít find a one that was on the naughty list.
May all your Christmas wishes come true and that you have a wonderful Happy New Year.
See you next year.

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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