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Dear Editor,
Governor Otter recently signed an executive order calling for Idaho state agencies to identify and account for the federal funds they receive. A good idea, but why now? The Idaho Constitution requires a balanced budget but Idaho gets 36% of its revenue from DC and 40% of THAT money IS borrowed, sending Idaho taxpayers further into debt. Over the last 10 years Idaho's dependence on the Federal dollars has INCREASED by 82%. So why is the Governor just now paying attention to this critical financial vulnerability? Is it because he has been busy with other things like embracing Obamacare, or drafting Common Core standards, or meeting Governor Christie to discuss traffic studies?
The answer is simple. Idaho's dangerous dependence on Federal dollars is now an issue because Senator Russ Fulcher, candidate for Governor, has made it an issue. I have talked to Russ about this on several occasions over the last year. I know, first hand, that Russ Fulcher's experience in the private sector has given him the insight to know what career politicians often don't get. He understands that things can change quickly and in a bad direction.  Russ Fulcher "gets it." Russ Fulcher clearly foresees the risk to our fiscal stability and has already taken steps to reduce it. The first step is educating people, including Governor Otter.
We live in uncertain and dangerous times. We need leaders with vision and the confidence to be proactive, not just reactive; to guard and prepare. We need GOVERNOR Russ Fulcher.
Thank you!
Rachel M. Spencer

Dear Editor, 
As Chair of the Mitch Toryanski for Idaho Campaign, I’d like to express my sincere desire that Republicans elect Mitch as our party’s nominee for Secretary of State this May.  He is by far the best-qualified candidate in the race.
Mitch’s life experience compares closely to my husband Pete who was Idaho’s Secretary of State for 35 years. Mitch is a West Point Graduate and served our Nation as a military officer for over three decades. Mitch worked as Deputy Attorney General and counselor to the Secretary of State where he became an expert in election law and ethics in government. Mitch was a legislator with a conservative voting record. Finally, Mitch worked in the private sector to include running his own small business. 
Pete always felt that serving on the Land Board was one of the most important aspects of his job. As an experienced attorney, Mitch is well-equipped to protect the public’s right to use state lands and make good investment decisions.
Mitch’s integrity, demonstrated leadership, and experience make him the right person to continue Pete’s legacy of trust and faithful service.
Truth. Trust. Toryanski.
Freda Cenarrusa

Rep. McMillan gains support from House Leadership

I am honored to have the support of the House Leadership for my reelection campaign. To have Reps. Moyle, Crane and Vander Woude supporting my reelection is amazing. All of these Reps. are conservative leaders in the House. Rep. Moyle said “Shannon is a fighter for Northern Idaho; please send her back to fight for you.” Rep. McMillan said “I have always fought to keep our way of life, and the government off our backs. I want to continue the fight for our State Sovereignty, and our rights.”
During this session we have had several bills that we have voted on, but none that I was
watching more than HB 473 seeking to nullify the EPA in the State of Idaho. I was hoping to get it passed and signed into law but HB 473 was sent to an interim committee for further study. 
Rep. Brent Crane said “We need Rep. McMillan back to help us fight the federal government; the assault on our rights is unprecedented.”
As you're well aware, the last few years have been a challenge economically. That being said, I'm happy to say that we've tightened our belts and balanced our State Budget. Rep. John Vanderwoude said “Shannon is a fiscally conservative legislator.” I have fought to keep State government in check, and making sure we are living within our means, unlike the Federal Government, which is running up huge deficits.
I want to say thank you to the citizens of District 7 for allowing me to serve you in the Idaho
Legislature. It has been a true pleasure and honor serving your interests in the Capitol. When I ran for the legislature I told you that “I would put people first” That is a promise that I have kept.
As the campaign season kicks into high gear, I look forward to touching base with old friends and making new ones. I've met literally thousands of residents in our district and have worked
hard to be your voice in the Capitol. Your support means everything to me. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Shannon McMillan
State Representative 
District 7-A

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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