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Redneck Review
No. 62 6/27/2016
A review of the news this past week again forces one to consider the choice facing us here and all around the world! That choice simply seems to be a slow return to the past way of life with emphasis on the individual, his value and potential, with belief and trust in God as creator, redeemer, and preserver, and the ever growing belief in a one-world government, based on a denial of God, or His concern for our daily lives, along with the belief that experts at the top can solve all of our problems.
Consider for example, the amazing rise of Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican candidate for president this fall. Cartoons, editorials by the dozens continually ridicule "The Donald," using every tactic available to the press today to destroy his reputation and his legitimate claim to the nomination! If you have missed out on all of these, just give a quick look at the editorial pages of the June 25 and 26 Lewiston Tribune. By count, four cartoons and a half dozen editorials level total broadsides at him, attempting to paint him as an incompetent buffoon and one totally incapable of running the country!
And oh, yes! Is it significant that the glaring weaknesses and scandals associated with Hillary Clinton are generally ignored by TV and the predominantly liberal press?
I personally have never been a Trump fan, but will definitely support him in his upcoming contest with Hillary! But that is not the point! His almost unbelievable rise to the top, overcoming the joint efforts of 15 or so opponents at the beginning tells us something else is going on here! Perhaps the first column written by Lenore Barrett in Saturday's paper, one of four new conservatives selected by the Tribune to tell the conservative story, gives us a clue: "With GOP majorities in both Houses, why are we still funding Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities and messin' with transgender toilets?" And I also add, adopting a 2016 budget which adds at least another half trillion to our national debt!
What about last week's rejection of the European Union by Britain's voters? "Surprise and shock" is the reaction of today's elite, both in this country and around the world!! A careful study of the history of the EU tells us that the effort began years ago as a simple union which would eliminate tariffs, allow free flow of individuals from country to country, provide for a unified defense, and bind together in one unit nation's which historically had been rivals and at war with one another! Hey! Much like the United States of America!
And do not forget the occasionally surfacing threat of states in our own union, Arizona as only one of several examples, who are so frustrated with federal rules and policies, they have actually talked of suing our government, or of seceding from our own USA! 
Do not all three of these examples tell us that the common person is fed up with the idea of dictation from the top? Our federal government is a bloated bureaucracy, with hundreds and hundreds of new laws, executive actions, and bureau rules that interfere more and more in our daily lives? All coming from a national government which is now obsessed with the belief that the experts there should be totally in charge, and that we common people are like a herd of cows all needing the care of a giant dairy farm! And "no" voters on Britain staying in the EU tell us that the same thing has happened there!
I say it is time we go back to the old way, and stuff the idea of top-down government!! 
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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