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Dear Editor,
Earlier this summer I met Jessica Chilcott, a social worker and active volunteer from Sagle, Idaho who is running for District 7 House, Seat A.  Her enthusiasm for education issues really impressed me.  Her website quotes her:  “I know that education continues to be the single most effective way for individuals and families to get and stay out of poverty.” 
Our state’s commitment to education has not only stalled it is sliding backward.  We are 50th in the nation in high school grads who go directly to college.  Five years ago we were ranked 43rd.  Many schools are going to four day weeks.  Idaho college graduates owe an average $26,751 in student loans, 11thhighest in the nation. 
Idaho is dead last in K-12 per pupil expenditures and, not surprisingly, we’re 49th in the nation for per capita income.
Chilcott understands the link between education and lifetime earnings. She is anxious to represent us in House District 7.
The seat is currently held by Rep. Shannon McMillan, a second-term Republican from Silverton who was investigated by the House Ethics Committee for voting against a bill where she had a conflict of interest.  Most Idahoans can have their wages garnished if they have a civil judgment against them. HB 510 was aimed at erasing the exemption for elected officials.  She voted against erasing the exemption because she has had multiple civil judgments against her.
It’s time for a fresh perspective.  I urge you to vote for Jessica Chilcott, a strong voice in support of education and economic progress.
Jeanette Gorman

Frei for Idaho County Commissioner
Mark Frei is an excellent choice for Idaho County Commissioner on November 4th.   He brings strong leadership skills and a financial background to support his vision for increased economic opportunity for residents of Idaho County.  Mark represents all residents of the county as an honest, hard-working, and independent thinker.  He supports strong education and solid family values as demonstrated through his active role in his church and school community.  Mark’s positive energy, sound management practices and deep roots in Idaho County will make him a great commissioner.
Kevin Rehder 

Dear Editor!
A letter to the editor of the Cottonwood Chronicle last week has prompted me to send along these thoughts on the upcoming commissioner election.   I do not know Jerry Zumalt personally, and I assume he is a very credible candidate.  But I do have these concerns!
He is a Democrat! So I must assume therefore that he adheres to the Democratic position on the three items named above! 
First DEATH.  For years the Democratic party has championed the right of a woman to dispose of an unwanted child by abortion, a figure which has reached an astounding total over 50 million today, dividing out to somewhere around 3000+ a day since 1973.  As a Democrat, I assume Mr. Zumalt agrees with his party's position!  At least I have never heard him take a loud stand against it.  Thus, no vote for me for Jerry!
Second DEBT. The accumulated debt under the Obama administration now exceeds $17 trillion! Staggering! And depressing! Because the constant flow of about $85 billion/month into our economy under "Quantitative Easing Infinity" has set loose the demon of inflation, which, despite the rosy disclaimers of our government, is hitting all of us in higher prices, and has yet to show its really ugly head, which is guaranteed to hit us hard in the future!
Finally DIVERGENT! The meaning? "To scatter in different directions!"  The Democratic Party has definitely done this over the years, as 50 years ago when I often voted Democrat, neither myself or anyone then would have dreamed the party endorses gay marriage!  Now I am not going to judge people of that persuasion, but hey!  Marriage?  Are you kidding? Just consider the problem two males or two females have in creating a family!  Wow!  Mind boggling!
So does Jerry endorse these issues?  Never heard him come out strong repudiating them!  So, no vote from me, even though these issues rarely emerge in a county election!
On the other hand, Mark Frei, son of my friend and classmate, Ron, represents everything that I hold dear!  No matter that he is related to another commissioner!  Who cares?  What really is of concern to me is the future of our country and the survival of the ideals which have made this nation the envy of the world!   So go, Mark!!!  You have my vote!  And enthusiastically!
Jake Wren

To the Editor
As a Vietnam Veteran and member of the VFW, I urge you to NOT vote for the people listed in the Republican Advertisement stating that Democrats will abandon veterans and all military.  This is not true and reckless.  Mark Frei, Skip Brandt, Paul Shepherd, Shannon McMillan, Kathy Ackerman, Sheryl Nuxoll, and James Zehner were listed on this ad in the Free Press. 
As a Democrat and a Veteran, I was offended.  Lets get responsible people elected this year, we can vote in November for George Perry running against Skip Brandt, Jerry Zumalt running against Jim Chmelik's brother-in-law Mark Frei, Jessica Chilcott running against Shannon McMillan, also on the ballot are Casey Drews against Sheryl Nuxoll and Ken Meyers against Paul Shepherd.  Lets send a message that it is not alright to make up your own facts.  If those listed do not agree with the massage in the ad, how did it's authors think they would?  ?
Bill Farmer

Dear Editor
When you are standing in the voting booth on November 4 and see a candidate's name with a "D" beside it, what does that mean to you? To me that "D" means at some level that person agrees with the national Democratic Party and what it has done to our country. It means that candidate believes that an ever expanding government and the ever increasing taxes that go with it is the answer to all our problems. More regulation, more social programs, more open borders, and less personal liberty all result in less business, fewer good jobs, and more debt. 
Party is important. It indicates the personal values of the candidate. Please vote for Idaho values: less government, lower taxes, and more individual freedom, responsibility, and opportunity. Please vote Republican. Thanks
Lucky Brandt

To the Editor
The new Tiered certification program presented by Tom Luna before he leaves Idaho should scare everyone! Certification of teachers will be tied to teacher evaluations.  This should not be a problem if we could control all our students.  A better solution would student need to show improvement as all students are not alike. This new program was to be studied for two years before changes were implemented; instead it has been pushed through in six months. The current Tiered Certification rule unfairly and unnecessarily links a teacher’s certification (license) to an evaluation done by a local administrator. Certification should be the responsibility of the state–signing off on the training and credentials of a potential teacher and allowing them to pursue employment. If you really study the proposal, I am afraid there will be an exodus of teachers leaving the state and Idaho will have problems recruiting new teachers. Written comments may be submitted before October 21st to the state board chief planning and policy officer Tracie Ben at tracie.bent@osbe.idaho.gov.  Please voice your concern on this matter!
 Kim Uhlorn

To the Editor
Frank Church once said that a main problem with our government was that there were no statesmen anymore, only politicians.  Statesmen work for the good of the people and the country while politicians work only for the good of their party and their elections.  I think all of us are tired of that.  A small group of Republicans and Democrats met with A.J. Balukoff in Grangeville to ask questions and learn what he believes is best for Idaho.  We had an unhurried, respectful visit with this intelligent, well informed, reasonable, balanced, honest man who is not a politician but is running for office to make a difference on issues important to us all.  He intends to collaborate across partisan lines to fairly represent all of us without big money and special interests’ influence.  Sounds like Idaho has a statesman!  A.J. Balukoff has my vote, and I hope he has yours.  
Dawn K. Kennedy-Haeder

To the Editor
What can be more important than your right to vote?  As Secretary of State it will be my job to protect your right to vote and to have your vote count by ensuring that the person who casts a vote is eligible to vote under the law.  You may be sure that I will do my utmost to uphold the integrity of the election process and ensure the sanctity of the voting booth.  My opponent wants to make it easier to vote in order to increase voter turnout.  Studies have shown easier doesn’t equate to more voters.  I will not give up security of the ballot for convenience. 
My background as a farmer, logger, miner and long-time member of the House Natural Resources Committee and current Chairman gives me a unique perspective with respect to Land Board decisions.
Recently the Land Board purchased commercial property.  Early on I was an outspoken critic of this action.  It is my opinion that the state should not be in competition with private business.  
The Secretary of State’s office is recognized for its tradition of non-partisanship, integrity and fairness With your “yes” vote on Nov. 4, I will continue those traditions.  
Submitted by:
Lawerence Denney
Republican Candidate
Secretary of State  

I identify with the T.V. ad of the Republican who will vote for A.J. Balukoff.  As a Republican, I am totally dissatisfied with those in power now who refuse to listen to their constituents.
With open mind, I attended a meeting with A.J. Balukoff in Grangeville. Attendees represented both parties and a cross section of citizens.  I discovered a gracious, intelligent man without a hint of ego, who answered questions without trying to gain votes by being politically correct.
Besides improving our education system, does he believe in the second amendment? Yes. Will he surround himself with Republicans and Democrats to explore ideas to create better solutions? Yes.  Is he aligned with Obama as some T.V. ads want you to believe? No! A.J. voted for the Republican candidate in the last presidential election. Would he have vetoed guns on campus? Yes! Because of the danger and money to implement this imprudent law.  Is he against discrimination of any citizen?  Yes.
These are a few subjects covered. What did I come away thinking? Here is a decent, reasonable candidate who is down-to-earth and identifies with the common citizens of Idaho. Cross the line and vote for A.J. Balukoff. I am.
Eleanor Wagner
Grangeville ID

Dear Editor
Fourteen of my 17 years with the Idaho Legislature were spent as Lawerence Denney’s administrative assistant. If I did not believe in him, trust him, I would not have stayed.  I watched him as he made difficult decisions, even though he knew some of his decisions could be second-guessed by the press and the opposition would do their best to discredit him.  From personal observation I know that with Lawerence we have someone who has an unswerving desire to do what is right for the citizens of Idaho.
I encourage you to look beyond the innuendo, twisting of the facts, and false accusations.  Instead consider his experience, his background, his principles, his family values and his desire to do what is right for Idaho.  I could not have asked for a better “boss”.  Join me in casting your vote for Lawerence Denney, Idaho’s next Secretary of State.
Sue Frieders
Eagle, Idaho

To the Editor
Work Hard.  Tell the Truth.  Put People First.  What wise and worthy guidelines for your life, profession and public service.  This defines AJ Balukoff as Idaho's best choice for Governor. . .along with a cadre of other non-R candidates.
It has been well documented that:
Butch Otter has done very little to elevate Idaho from the basement of education funding, take-home wages, human rights.
Vote for AJ Balukoff, he is principled and positive and actually gets things done. 
"Boss" Denney is notoriously unscrupulous; Vote for an ethical Secretary of State, Holli Woodings
Ron Crane has irresponsibly mismanaged and lost millions of Idaho dollars.  Vote for a real, certified public accountant, Deborah Silver.
Ms. Ybarra is short on education experience and voter confidence.   Vote for Jana Jones, a true and tested educator.
Jim Risch brags about his easy job of fence-sitting in Washington.   Vote Nels Mitchell, a smart advocate for Idaho.
Mr. Labrador is too polarized to be effective in Congress.   Vote Shirley Ringo, a calm and keen representative for all of Idaho.
Shannon MacMillan has been totally ineffective as a bench warmer.  Vote for Jessica Chilcott, a lively, fresh outlook for District 7.
This is the year to make a difference.   This is the opportunity for turning Idaho around to face the light of day as the sun comes over the mountains.
Shelley Dumas

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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