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Hey Kids, It's time for Summer Reading at the Library.  It will begin next week on Tuesday July 7th and will be included with Story Time.  All ages are invited and this year's theme is Hero's.
It will be a little different from programs in the past and will include visit's by our own local Hero's.  Be sure to come and meet these special people in our community. You will be surprised to learn who they are.  
Perhaps you have been friends or neighbors with these people and now are learning they are "Hero's" in our community.  It will begin at 10:30 and finish around noon.  Treats will be served.
There will be prizes for attendance and also for the number of books read during this four week period. Plans are for the last day to be a special event.  Come join in the fun and most of all, continue reading during summer break.  It has been proven that students who read during vacation are better prepared when those school bells toll once again.  
For you "older kids" we now have a new selection of books on tape.  We have several patrons who enjoy this type of reading, so drop in and see what is available. And for you who are unable to visit the library, give a call to the library and share your choice of author or type of book and they will be delivered to your door.  When you are through give a call and they will be picked up and at your request, replaced with new reading materials.  
Keep in mind, this is the "COOLEST PLACE IN TOWN/" A good place to spend time when it is so warm outside.

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