Kindness Rocks goes to Lewiston
Look out Lewiston here we come! That was the battle cry from the Kindness Rocks kids on Saturday October 18th. 
Fifty students along with their brave chaperones; Erin Shears, Tara Klapprich, Stacie Dinning, Shelly Schlader, Julie Schumacher, Shawna Kaschmitter, Dave Shears and Colleen Sonnen took a day trip to the big city. 
The first stop was the University of Idaho’s Corn Maze. The kids and chaperones tried not to get lost and had a great time winding through the maze. They met Dr. Larry Mackus who is a Professor in the Ag. Dept. at the U of I.  He was thrilled to have such great kids come and tour the maze. 
After eating a quick lunch the troops boarded the bus and headed for Orchards Lanes Bowling Alley where we observed some amazing talent. The kids had fun and the chaperones laughed quite a lot at themselves. The high scores for the evening were Dave Shears with a 146, Dalton Ross with a 144 and Kyleigh Duclos with a 142. We are not sure but we think the low score might belong to an unknown chaperone! 
The day was a complete success, the kids were well behaved, even if they sang the theme song from Frozen all the way down and back. Thank you to all the parents for being part of our special day. The Kindness Rocks Group is made up of 4th, 5th and 6th graders from PES. 

The Kindness Rocks students from Prairie Elementary at the Corn Maze in the top photo and the Orchards Bowling Alley in the bottom photo. In the middle photo some of the students  are going through a strawbale maze. Photos by Colleen Sonnen.

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