School Board meets
Keith Holcomb was appointed to the school board Monday, March 18, to replace Tara Rowland, who had submitted her resignation. He was then sworn in so he could take his position on the board.
Rowland and her family had moved out of the trustee zone she represented necessitating her resignation.
The board also voted to forgive the Track/Bleacher project debt. Ryan Hasselstrom spearheaded that project his group had fundraised almost $172,000 of the nearly $261,000 project and had been awarded grants worth another $16,500. The school district had loaned the group $50,000 to get the track project going and another $22,500 for the bleachers or 27.8% of the total project cost. Superintendent Reneí Forsmann said she was very impressed with the fundraising effort and how the community supported it and felt the district should forgive the debt. That would allow gate money from any track meets to go to the student body funds and any future purchases would come from those funds just like for other sports. The District will take on the responsibility of upkeep of the track similar to what they do for gym floors.
A budget hearing was set for Monday, June 17. This will be held in conjunction with the regular June meeting set for that date.
The board voted to accept the resignation of Angel Frei. Forsmann had a person lined up to take her place but the student Frei had been serving as a para-professional will be moving out of the district so a replacement is not needed at this time.
The board voted to approve the emergency school closure for Feb. 25.
In a report on the Center for Discovery Forsmann noted the gate and the proceeds of the raffle more that covered the Missoula Childrenís Theatre expenses. They plan to bring in MCT again next year.
In her facilities report Forsmann noted they will have some rain gutter replacements at both the Elementary and Jr./Sr. High buildings added to their projects due to the excessive snow and ice pushing them away from the buildings.
She also reported they have some outside doors at the Elementary that need some weatherstripping. If the weatherstripping doesnít fix the problem the doors may need to be replaced.
In her principalís report Forsmann said Jake Quintal was one of 28 participants at the Regional Spelling Bee in Lewiston.
Parent-teacher conferences are set for March 25-27.
She is working on class lists and schedules for the 2019-2020 school year.
In her superintendentís report she said the March 4 community meeting on drug awareness was very informative. 
She attended the Cottonwood Chamber meeting on March 14.
She is continuing to participate in conference calls regarding transitioning the health program to IDLA and LCSC. The CNA class will still be offered through the high school.
Forsmann reported the proposed funding formula change has been shelved at least until next year. Superintendents from around the state had urged the legislature to slow down on this and make sure all the kinks are worked out before implementing it.
Jon Rehder reported Pi Day was held March 14 at the high school with a pie eating contest with himself, Mr. Madrid, Julie Schumacher, Mrs. Duclos and Mr. Elven participating from the staff.
Higher Ed Day is March 22. All juniors will be visiting with the 6 or 7 colleges signed up to participate. Juniors will be dismissed from the 5th and 6th period classes for this.
The third quarter ends Friday, March 22. Parent-teacher conferences will be next Tuesday and Wednesday with Showcase Night set for Wednesday, March 27. Nancy Arnzen will be preparing and serving haystacks that evening.
Spring sports are seeing lots of rescheduling due to snow in the entire area and Lewiston fields already all being spoken for.
The SAT is set to be taken on April 9 in the Spirit Center from 8 a.m. to about 12:30.
ISATs start April 15.
The schedule for next year has been completed and it was shared in Rehderís daily bulletin on Monday.
The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, April 15 at 5:30 p.m.

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