Rylaarsdam is big winner in livestock competition
There’s always that one person who seems to win all the top livestock awards and this year it was no different as Sydney Rylaarsdam of Grangeville was that person.
She had the Beef Grand Champion for Quality and was also the senior and overall Grand Champion Showman for Beef. She also added the Round Robin Showmanship Grand Champion award.
Fitting and Showing
Beef-Grand Champion-Sydney Rylaarsdam; Reserve champion-Halle Klapprich. They were also the Senior Grand and Reserve champions. Juniors: Grand Champion-Kane McIntire; Reserve-Halee Rowland. Intermediates: Grand Champion-Riley Enneking; Reserve-Philip Schwartz.
Sheep-Grand Champion-Paige Layman; Reserve-Ben Gehring. They were also the Senior grand and reserve champions. Juniors: Grand Champion-Sierra Oliver; Reserve-Reagan Brannan. Intermediates: Grand Champion-Tate Manley; Reserve-Natalie Goeckner.
Market Swine-Grand Champion-Taryn Godfrey; Reserve-Levi Gehring. Juniors: Grand Champion-Sitka Harris; Reserve-Hailey Hanson; Intermediates: Grand Champion-Levi Gehring, Reserve-Lexi Schumacher; Seniors: Grand Champion-Madison Pecarovich, Reserve-Jessie Sonnen; FFA-Grand Champion-Taryn Godfrey, Reserve-Caity Johnson.
Rabbit: Grand Champion-Rayne Martinez; Reserve-Rose Sherrer.
Poultry: Grand Champion-Aidan Acton; Reserve-Aaron Forsmann.
Goat: Grand Champion-Macy Smith; Reserve-Naomi Connolley.
Dog Showmanship: Grand Champion-Aiden Acton; Reserve-Sierra Oliver.
Dog Obedience: Grand Champion-Julia Rehder; Reserve-Aiden Acton.
Horse: Grand Champion, Garret Wren; Reserve-Rose Sherrer.
Round Robin: Grand Champion-Sydney Rylaarsdam; Reserve-Macy Smith.
Market Beef: Grand Champion-Sydney Rylaarsdam; Reserve-Mason Klapprich.
Market Swine: Grand Champion-Wyatt Crea; Reserve-Kieran Gallagher.
Market Lamb: Grand Champion-Colby Canaday; Reserve-Natalie Goeckner.
Breeding Ewe: Grand Champion-Brooke Bennett.
Market Goat: Grand Champion-Rose Sherrer; Reserve-Mikayla Rowland.
Rabbit: Grand Champion-Sypress Martinez; Reserve-Anthony Frei.
Poultry: Grand Champion-Aaron Forsmann; Reserve-Sophia Gallagher.
4-H Livestock Judging Contest
Top Beef Judge-Halle Klapprich; Top Swine Judge-Alli Geis; Top Sheep Judge-Hope Schwartz.
5th-Noah Beckman; 4th-Katelynn Nail; 3rd-Halle Klapprich; 2nd-Lee Forsmann; 1st-Hope Schwartz.
Rate of Gain Contest
Beef Steer-4.95 lbs. per day-Chloe Rowland.
Market Lamb-1.20 lbs. per day-Sierra Oliver
Market Swine-2.48 lbs. per day-Wyatt Dennis.

Top Livestock Record Book Awards-Junior-Landon Riener; Intermediate-Dylan Uhlenkott; Senior-Olivia Klapprich.
Top Horse Record Book Award-Mattie Lustig
Top Secretary Book (Enid Newman Memorial Trophy)-Lauren Graves, Tahoe Hillbillies 4-H Club
Top Agricultural Demonstration: Junior Division-Maggie Nuxoll; Intermediate Division-Ellie Nuxoll; Senior Division-Halle Klapprich.
4-H Herdsmanship Award-Cottonwood Saddliers 4-H Club.
Top Community Service Project Poster-Kamiah-Woodland 4-H Club.
Sarah George Memorial Scholarship (awarded to Grand Champion Sheep Showman)-Paige Layman.
Oustanding Hereford Award-Kace Munger.
Largest Percentage of Beef Projects-Cottonwood Saddliers 4-H Club
Champion Breeding Beef Female Awards-Grand Champion-Sydney Rylaarsdam; Reserve-Hailey Hanson.
Top Feeder Pig Project-1. Christopher Schumacher; 2. McKinley Harris.
Top Overall Swine Project-Wyatt Crea.
Top Overall Sheep Project-Paige Layman.
Top Overall Beef Project-Sydney Rylaarsdam.
Top Overall Agricultural Project-Rose Sherrer.
Dave Klapprich Memorial Award-Kate Lustig
Idaho County Volunteer Leaders Distinguished Service Award-Tara and Brent Rowland, Cottonwood Saddliers 4-H Club.
Senior Mugs-Molly DeFord, 8 years;  Caity Johnson, 5 years; Kate Lustig, 11 years; Kace Munger, 10 years; Madison Pecarovich, 10 years; Chevelle Shepherd, 10 years.
Ambassador Awards-Colby Canaday, Caity Johnson, Paige Layman, Rose Sherrer, Dani Sonnen, Jessie Sonnen.

Sydney Rylaarsdam of Grangeville was the big winner in 4-H Livestock with beef grand champion in both quality and showmanship and she was also Round Robin grand champion. She also received the top overall FFA project award.

Colby Canady had the grand champion quality sheep.

Wyatt Crea had the gradn champion quality swine.

Rose Sherrer had the grand champion quality goat.

Mason Klapprich had the reserve champion quality steer.

Natalie Goeckner had the reserve champion quality sheep and was also reserve champion intermediate showman for sheep.

Kieran Gallagher had the reserve champion quality swine.

Mikayla Rowland had the reserve champion quality goat.

Kane McIntire was grand champion jr. showman for beef.

Riley Enneking was grand champion intermediate showman for beef.

Halle Klapprich was the overall reserve champion beef showman as well as reserve champion senior beef showman.

Philip Schwartz was reserve champion intermediate showman for beef.

Halee Rowland was reserve champion junior showman for beef.

Paige Layman was grand champion senior and overall sheep showman.

Tate Manley was grand champion intermediate sheep showman.

Sierra Oliver was grand champion junior sheep showman.

Ben Gehring was reserve champion senior showman and reserve champion overall showman for sheep.

Reagan Brannan was reserve champion junior sheep showman.

Macy Smith was grand champion goat showman and reserve champion round robin showman.

Naomi Connolley was reserve champion goat showman.

Taryn Godfrey was grand champion FFA showman for swine and overall grand champion showman for swine.

Levi Gehring was grand champion intermediate showman for swine and overal reserve champion showman for swine.

Madison Pecarovich was grand champion senior showman for swine.

Sitka Harris was grand champion junior showman for swine.

Caitlynn Johnson was reserve champion FFA showman for swine.

Jessie Sonnen was reserve champion senior showman for swine.

Alexis Schumacher was reserve champion intermediate showman for swine.

Hailey Hanson was reserve champion junior showman for swine.

Rose Sherrer received the top overall ag project award.

Kace Munger had the outstanding Hereford project.

Hope Schwartz received the top livestock judging award.

As grand champion sheep showman Paige Layman was awarded the Sarah George Memorial Scholarship and received a hug from Sarah's mother Kiley Riley-Richards.

Aiden Acton was grand champion for both poultry and dog showmanship.

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