Cottonwood City Council meets
The Cottonwood City Council started the process to apply for a grant to help fix the culvert at Maple Street that was damaged during the spring flood at their July meeting Monday, July 14.
Resolution 2014-2 was read and approved. CEDA was approved to be the grant administrator and a hearing date of July 31 was set. 
The Resolution dealt with declaring a state of emergency because if the culvert is not fixed there could be serious problems if there’s another flood next Spring.
Other steps will be taken during the July 31 hearing to meet requirements for applying for a Dept. of Commerce grant. They will ask for enough to replace both the damaged culvert and  the concrete flanges on each end.
Councilor Jack Duman will also pursue a grant through the highway district consortium. A motion was passed to give Mayor Denis Duman the authority to sign such a grant application.
In the reports, Police Chief Terry Cochran noted that apparently a pole near Larry Sonnen’s that has the T-1 telephone line broke during the storm Sunday night dropping said T-1 line down to just 11 feet over the highway where a semi truck ran into it shearing off the top of his load and cutting land line phone service to most of Greencreek. A little lower and it would have taken out the cab of the truck. 
In the water report Pat Holthaus said they pumped 3.5 million gallons and sold 3.16 million. After prelube and other unmetered water was taken into account there was a loss of 341,000 gallons for a 9.7% loss. No matter how much is pumped, the amount lost seems to be fairly consistent. No new leaks have surfaced.
Ron Grant reported everything is running smoothly in the sewer department.
Jack Duman reported he is still trying to get caught up in the street department. The Mag Chloride application is done.
In Land and Buildings Shelli Schumacher reported Kirsten Latimer has started work on the garden area in front of the park restrooms. Also Viv Enneking stopped in and asked about taking care of the weeds at the Centennial Garden and Jerry Richardson was also helping out. 
I was reported that Walco charged just $200 for emptying the rolloff during the Community Cleanup and donated the rest. That is normally what they charged for one time.
Grant reported the fire department had just a couple of calls, an EMT assist on a vehicle accident and a grass fire in town.
He also reported Mike Kindrick would be donating a heavy duty washing machine to the department so they could clean their turnouts. Grant said they need to figure out where to put it but he could see it being a big help.
A budget working was set for August 5 at 7 p.m.
In other business Jack Duman noted trees are getting out of hand between Peasley and Foster as far as hanging out over the streets. Mayor Duman said there’s similar problems along North Street. City Attorney Joe Wright said they have a city ordinance addressing this. 
Shelly Schumacher asked about sending letters to the homeowners on King Street where there’s an issue with the sidewalk over the storm sewer making them aware there’s a problem and to cross them at their own risk, especially with vehicles.
A vicious dog incident was discussed and a hearing was set for Wednesday, July 16 at 5 p.m. to address this as per the city ordinance.
The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, August 11 at 7 p.m.

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