Moodie gives effective message
It’s not about talent or intelligence, it’s all about effort.  That was the message shared by motivational speaker, Arel Moodie when he visited with students at Prairie Junior/Senior High School during his recent visit.  Moodie, president of The College Success Program was visiting Cottonwood to get the students excited about the coming year and their future.
Moodie was invited to speak by Prairie’s Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate (GEAR UP) Program, which the Cottonwood school district has participated in for over 10 years. Site Coordinator, Loretta Poxleitner, heard Arel speak at a couple different conferences and was excited to bring him to Cottonwood to share his message with the students.  
Arel shared that college may not be right for all students, but he wanted them to know it is an option for everyone.  If they choose not to go, it should be because they have other, better options, not because they don’t think they’re college material.
The junior/senior high staff spent some time with Arel the morning of his visit talking about what works and why it’s important to connect with the students.  After the school-wide keynote address at the community hall, Arel hung out in the cafeteria during both junior and senior high lunches.  He spent time in the afternoon with the junior and senior classes discussing the barriers to college.  He encouraged all the juniors and seniors to pick a project to help educate their classmates about college and why it’s an option for everyone.  At the evening presentation, Arel spoke to a small group of parents and community members about how to support their children in preparing for the future.
Each student was provided with a copy of Arel’s book, “The Student Success Action Guide” which offers 180 strategies and tips to succeed in school today and in the future. He has also written the book, “Your Starting Point for Student Success.”  

Prairie students during Arel Moodie's presentation last week. Moodie is shown at the center of the photo. Photo by Loretta Poxleitner.

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