What Freedom Means to Me
Have you ever thought of what freedom means to you? ďFreedom is the right to question the established way of doing things,Ē as explained by President Ronald Reagan. I think that means we donít have to accept things just the way they are. We can question the laws and the way society is run. He also states, ďA people free to choose will always choose peace.Ē I think he means that if you have freedom you will choose peace instead of war.
Another big part of our freedom is the veterans. If we didnít have veterans there would be no freedom. Veterans risk their lives for our freedom. When I see a veteran I want to give him a big hug and tell them how grateful I am for what he or she did or is doing. When people put veterans down I feel sad because we have no idea what they have been through. Also, I feel bad for what the veteranís families have gone through or are going through, even not knowing whatís going on with their own son or daughter at times.
Freedom to me is being able to go to school, and walk around town without foreign soldiers guarding everything. Also, having the freedom of religion and the freedom of girls and boys being able to get the job they want. Also the freedom to own a gun and when I see the American flag whether it is at a football game, a basketball game or just at school I feel proud and thankful for this country. I canít imagine what this world would be like if we didnít have freedom.
Sometimes we donít appreciate our freedom. We should all take a second to remember our freedom and how blessed we are. Not just for freedom, but for the country we live in that has freedom. In other counties they donít have the freedoms we have. Some of them canít even go to school and some donít have any protection from foreign countries. I am so grateful to live in the United States of America and so thankful for the men and women who have fought to protect me and my freedoms. That is what freedom means to me.

Zach Rambo, left, reads the above essay which was the local winner in the VFW Patriot's Pen contest.

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