Prairie freshmen visit WSU
Prairie Freshmen braved the rainy weather and attended a GEAR UP campus visit at the Washington State University campus in Pullman on October 15th.  We saw the grizzly bears and talked to their caretaker about them.  Did you know that humans eat about 2,000 calories in a day and Grizzlies can eat up to 60,000 calories?!  They do some very interesting studies on the Grizzly bears trying to understand how hibernation works without bone and muscle loss.  The bears are trained to allow the scientists to take their blood and do ultrasounds on their hearts.  Anyone can stop by and check out the bears in their outside runs from spring until fall when they hibernate.  There are also interesting videos about the bears on the WSU website.  (
The students walked around campus in the rain and saw Beasley Colliseum and the newly remodeled Martin Stadium.  We also toured the Rec center, had ice cream at Ferdinand's (the WSU creamery), and played a fun game while learning about what it takes to go to school at WSU.  They also broke up into groups and came up with a business plan for a (crazy) new product and presented to their classmates on how they were going to make their business work!  It was a great day with a great group of kids.

The Prairie Freshmen pose in front of the bronze cougar statue at WSU.  In the back row from left to right:  Brandon Latimer, Dereck Arnzen, Jace Perrin, Nick Mager, Hunter Chaffee and Jayce Huling.  In the front row is Alexis Shears, Sarah Ross, Sierah Poxleitner, Trista Latimer, Leah Higgins, Sydney Bruner, Angela Wemhoff, Anthony Karel and Molly Schwartz.  In front is Dylan Robinson.   Photo by Loretta Poxleitner.

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