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Well here I am again. This is my view of what is going on at the library. Folks this is your library. I know sometimes it is difficult to get to the library and see the new things that have been done. 
The childrenís area has been redone. They have a wonderful mural painted in a whimsical theme. They have added some new books and the area is more inviting to children. Remember there is the Story hour every Tuesday from 10:30 to 11:30 for preschoolers. Starting the first Tuesday of July will be the start of the Summer Reading program. The theme this year is Heroes. It is going to be an exciting experience this summer. You wonít want to miss it. That will be July 7th same time as the story hour. 
I know some of you bring your kids in and you find a book that you are interested in. You would like to sit down and read a little of the book while the kids are having fun in their area. Now you can ! There is a lovely new area with comfortable chairs and a table that you can use. The area has been repainted and I know you will find it very relaxing. 
I know also that some of you canít get to the library because the elevator is not working. So the library board is planning on doing a much needed service. We would like to update our lending program. This service would be for those that are unable to get out to the library. It is called the lending library. If you are unable to get out for whatever reason just call the library and ask about the program. It would be a service to you who love to read but just canít get out. Part of the service would be delivery and pick-up. It would be helpful if you could let us know what books or type of books that you prefer. Also, do you need large print books. If you have difficulty in reading and would appreciate having an audio book let us know. We have some audio books now but again we need to know what you are interested in. This library is totally funded by your memberships and a fund raiser that we do once a year. The people that volunteer there give of their time. They do the best they can. But it is up to you the community to support the library. I would be very sad if the library closed because of lack of support from the community. If you are not sure how you could help please call the library and plan on coming to the next board meeting. Everyone is welcome to sit in and hear what is going on. Itís your library. The next Board Meeting will be July 14th at 12:30 pm. Bring a sack lunch if you like. There is usually coffee available.
Hope to see you there!
Jane Burgess
Board Member

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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