Greencreek 4th of July Celebration

The crowd during the auction under the big shade tree at the Greencreek 4th of July Celebration. There were many more people under canopies to the right.

The auction at the Greencreek 4th of July Celebration.

That egg didn’t survive as bystanders react to the egg breaking.

Some Street Sports photos with youngsters in a foot race, 3-legged race and wheelbarrow racing.

Youngsters in the watermelon eating contest. You could hold the plate but not the watermelon.

Eric Nuxoll, right, and his son in the watermelon eating contest open division. Eric was able to take back the title he lost to his son last year.

The train was full much of the morning at Greencreek. Vern Sonnen (shown) and Greg Stolz traded off as engineers.

Youngsters enjoy the Kiddie-Car Merry-Go-Round just like their parents did back in the day.

A couple of young ladies on the little merry-go-round.

Patriotic outfits were everywhere, such as the one on Kyle and Whitney Westhoff’s daughter who is shown with her brother and mother.

A young man takes his turn on the dunk tank. He just took over for the young lady at left who looks like she got dropped in the water a time or two.

The breakfast cooking crew took advantage of the nice weather to do some of the cooking outside, which eased some of the congestion in the Hall kitchen.

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