Hospitals offer patients new financial options for outstanding balances
“St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics and Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics are dedicated to making a healthyMary Lorentz and Deb Miller; SMH Financial Counselors are ready to offer financial assistance to the patients of St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics. Photo by Cheri Holthaus. difference in people’s lives. In fulfilling our mission, we offer financial assistance to our patients whose insurance coverage and/or ability to pay their medical bills is limited,” says Lessie Roughton, Financial Counselor. 
“HealthFirst Financial is a company we have partnered with to give patients more options to pay their post-insurance balances or self-pay balances,” says Roughton. “HealthFirst is NOT a collection agency and allows patients to set up a payment plan over a longer period of time at a low 4% interest rate.”
In addition to the option of a payment plan HealthFirst Financial has an easy application process. The application process does not require a credit application.  Patients will receive their monthly statements from HealthFirst instead of SMH/CVHC. Patients will be able to add existing medical balances into the new loan through HealthFirst and are able to check or change payments on an interactive website. Payment plans through HealthFirst can be set up over a five year period. 
“We know that self-pay and post-insurance balances can sometimes be very overwhelming for patients. After services occur a statement will first be issued through SMH/CVHC and the patient will have 90 days to pay it, interest free. If that isn’t enough time for some larger balances, the patient will have this new option that will hopefully lessen the stress of a large medical bill,” explains Roughton. 
Separate from the payment plans available through HealthFirst Financial SMH/CVHC offers a Financial Assistance Program that provides a discount on medically necessary care. You may qualify for this program if you are uninsured, your insurance policy does not provide full coverage for medically necessary care or you have substantial out-of-pocket expenses and are unable to manage your medical bills.
To determine if you are eligible for our Financial Assistance Programs you can log onto our website at or contact one of our financial counselors at 208-962-3251

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