City of Cottonwood, Ironwood reach agreement
A long-awaited agreement to provide city water and sewer service to Ironwood Estates LLC was reached at the April meeting of the Cottonwood City Council Monday, April 14.
Mayor Denis Duman read the agreement out loud and it was then ratified by the council. It would be for 10 years. 
Prior to that council vote, Shelli Schumacher stated she wanted to commend Ironwood for taking on that property and fixing it up so that up to 18 new families could have a place to move to near Cottonwood. Negotiations had been at times testy between the two sides and it is hoped that things can now move forward. 
The council also discussed Jack Wimer’s request to extend the sidewalk out from the old K-1 building that he is converting into apartments. Mayor Duman said after checking things out they felt the best result would be to come back 3 feet from the curb that is there and extend it straight west along the street. Ron Grant asked if the council needed to vote on that and was informed there’s no need to vote on putting a sidewalk in a street right of way as long as it is put in according to city codes.
Prior to Wimer extending the sidewalk the city will need to do some replacement work on the water line there. It does not go straight up the street but angles toward the building, which is why Duman felt it best not to extend the sidewalk all the way out to the curb that’s there on the sidewalk along Lewiston Street. When the water line is replaced they will likely put in a snubbed off connection for a proposed second apartment building Wimer is looking at in the future.
Duman said he is also working with Wimer on rededicating the alley in the middle of that block, which is where the city sewer line is located.
Another item of concern brought before the council is willows creating a potential hazard southeast of town on Cottonwood Creek. There is a tangle of willows growing where the culvert comes out after the creek goes under US 95. Unless they are removed they could eventually block up the culvert and back up the creek into town. Duman said he thinks that might be state property and would contact the Idaho Transportation Department about it. Roy Uhlenkott had thought it might be city property. The issue was brought to the city’s attention by Jim Madden.
In other business Doreen Ash had a request for permission to serve alcohol outside in the closed off area in back of Doreen’s during her anniversary party on May 10. It was approved.
Roy Uhlenkott was presented an award as a “Roads” Scholar by Doug Chase of the T2 school of the Idaho Transportation Department. He received a certificate, hat and Leatherman. 
The budget hearing date was set for August 27. The FY 2015 budget needs to be approved and sent to the county by Sept. 3.
A request to waive the hall rent for the Relay for Life dinner and auction on April 26 was approved as it has been in past years. In relation to that a catering permit was approved for Rodonna’s Country Haus to serve beer and wine at that dinner.
Catering permits through Keuterville Pub for the VFW’s beer garden at the Idaho County Fair were also approved. Catering permits are good for a maximum of 3 days so 2 permits had to be approved to cover the 4 days of the Fair.
The city clerk was directed to put together specs for the type of computer upgrade that will be needed for the clerk’s office. Carol Altman had got some estimates of about $3500-$4000 to upgrade both the computer and software. The city is currently running Windows XP for which Microsoft is dropping support and to go to a newer operating system requires an upgraded computer as well as new billing and telemetry software.
In the reports Pat Holthaus said they are still losing a lot of water somewhere as about 21% of what was pumped was lost before going through water meters. It is hoped when things dry up that leaks will show up.
Grant reported they still have a couple of streets to do to complete the stormwater grant work. The city crew is currently replacing a sewer line that collapsed along Front Street east of King Street. Uhlenkott said they are trimming trees in the agriforest and will get an inmate crew there to clean things up. 
Uhlenkott also reported on some holes developing in the sidewalk over the storm drains along King Street. He will contact ITD about it.
In the street report Uhlenkott said they are looking at the same amount of Mag Chloride as last year but it appears the cost will be about 20% higher than last year. Due to that they may hold off on chip sealing projects for a year.
In the land and buildings report Schumacher said the current phase of hall basement work is nearly complete.
Grant reported that had 1 extrication call and 1 rural building fire in the past month. They are looking for a replacement for Engine #10.

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