4-H project awards
Following is a list of 4-H Family & Consumer Science Award for the 2014 Idaho County Fair.
Constructed Clothing Awards:
Beginner Clothing (Ready, Set, Sew and Sew Some More): Top-Adelyn Geis, Runners-up-Ellea Uhlenkott and Chloe Rowland.
Intermediate (Seams Sew Easy and Sew What): top-Lizz Forsmann, runners-up-Katie Lustig and Mattie Lustig.
Advanced (Sew Wow): Top-Davi Murphy, runner-up-Lindsey Goeckner.
Making the Most of Me:
Beginning: top-Ellea Uhlenkott, runners-up-Olivia Klapprich and Miranda Klapprich.
Intermediate: top-Ciara Chaffee, runners-up-Davi Murphy and Nicole Rehder.
Advanced: top-Holli Uhlorn, runners-up: Emily McHugh and Hailey Danly.
Top Model Awards
Constructed Clothing: Beginner-Chloe Rowland, Intermediate-Alexis Morris, Advanced-Davi Murphy.
Making the Most of Me: Beginner-Katteri Duman, Intermediate-Davi Murphy, Advanced-Holli Uhlorn.
Top Demonstration: Intermediate-Davi Murphy.
Top Table Setting: Junior-Taylor Bransford.
Top Foods: Beginning-Emma Edwards; Intermediate-Abigail Stowell; Advanced-Holli Uhlorn.
Cake Decorating: Beginning-Chloe Rowland, Intermediate-Madison Rehder, Advanced-Adrianne Nuxoll.
Friends of 4-H Awards-Creative Sewing, sewing machine-Lindsey Goeckner; Advanced Foods, upright mixer-Adrianne Nuxoll; Making the Most of Me, luggage-Holli Uhlorn. Over the past three years Uhlorn has won each of the three awards
2014 4H Specialty Project Awards
Following are the 4-H Specialty Project Awards that were given out following the Fashion Show Wednesday, Aug. 20.
Top Leathercraft-Mattie Lustig.
Top Woodworking-Aaron Goeckner
Top Photography-Kelly Turney
Outstanding Leadership-Lindsey Goeckner.
Top Know Your Government Project-Rachel Kelley.
Top Project Awards:
Citizenship & Civic Education Division: Rachel Kelley, Know Your Government.
Communications & Expressive Arts Division: 1. Kelly Turney, Photography; 2. Laina Sonnen, Ceramics; 3. Mattie Lustig, Leathercraft.
Environmental Education & Earth Sciences: Adam Hicks, Archery.
Family & Consumer Sciences: 1. Sophee Wilson, Handwork of Heritage-tole painting; 2. Davi Murphy, Handwork of Heritage-Quilting.
Science & Technology Division: 1. Spencer Schumacher, welding; 2. Aaron Goeckner, Woodworking; 3. Lively Livestock Robotics Team (Aidan Acton, Levi Stowell, Brandon Vetter, Zach Theisen, Tristan Yocum and Tobie Paige Yocum), Lego Robotics

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