Updated June 2, 2011
Class awarded over $150,000 in scholarships
The Prairie High School class of 2011 has earned scholarships with a potential worth of more than $150,000. . . .
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Blood drive set for Tuesday
Traditionally, summer is a time for going to baseball games, enjoying the sun, and spending time outdoors. . . .
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Royalty candidates are sought
The Idaho County Fair Royalty committee is seeking young ladies ages 14 to 18 interested in participating in the 2012 royalty program. . . .
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Condo construction underway
The new addition to the Prairie Retirement Condos; attached to St. Mary’s Hospital is underway. . . .
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Drug dropoff set for Tuesday
Cottonwood Police Department is worried about drugs in our area. Now, with that statement, most of you are probably thinking something to the extent of “duh”, but let me explain.  Just keep in mind the date June 7, 2011. . . .
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Next Ladies Night Out date set
“If it ever stops raining we plan to celebrate the sun with an evening dedicated to women’s health and sun safety for our next Ladies Night Out,” said Stephanie Wagner, SMH Clinics Coordinator. . . .
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6th grade field day at Winchester
On May 20th The Lewis Soil Conservation District (LSCD) hosted the 39th Annual 6th Grade Field Day at Winchester State Park. . . .
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Prairie ROCKS update
Sitting at Mass, listening to Father Haldane’s homily on Sunday was inspiring and edifying. . . .
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Mission team to deliver lunch
The 2012 Tijuana Mission Team will be taking orders for lunch delivery on June 16th. . . .
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Vacation Bible School planned
“Surfing with the Son”, this year’s theme for Vacation Bible School will be held June 27th to June 30th from 8:30-11:30 at St. Mary’s Church in Cottonwood. . . .
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Awards Assembly held
Wednesday, May 25, Prairie High School held their annual year-end awards assembly. . . .
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Softball awards are given; Basketball camps planned
The PHS softball team held their awards banquet last Thursday, May 26 . . .
There is also information on a couple of area basketball camps on this page. . .
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2 to graduate on Friday
Summit Academy will be holding their 2011 graduation this Friday, June 3 at 7 p.m. at the Summit gym. . . .
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Members of the PHS class of 2011 flip their tassels after being certified as graduates. See scholarship story at left for more photos. Click on photo for a larger view.

The local VFW and American Legion Posts held Memorial Day services in the Greencreek and Cottonwood cemeteries this year. They are shown at Cottonwood Catholic Cemetery. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Mike Karel plays “Taps” during the Memorial Day service at the Cottonwood Catholic Cemetery. Click on the photo for a larger view.

A 21-gun salute is fired by members of the VFW and American Legion by firing 7 guns three times in succession at Cottonwood Community Cemetery. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Construction is underway on the 6-unit addition to the retirement condos attached to St. Mary’s Hospital. Anticipated completion date is October 1, 2011. See story at right. See story above left.

Area sixth graders at a field day at Winchester Lake. Photo provided by Lewis SCD. See story above left. Click on the photo for a larger view.

The Tri-Parish Youth Ministry program and the PFFP program announce the following students as recipients of the 2010-2011 scholarships.  Kayla Johnson and Sheri Schumacher receive the Youth Ministry award and Michael Karel received the Prairie Faith Formation award.  These students each received  $250.00.  They all demonstrated the qualifications required for the scholarship.  These awards were presented at the Graduation Mass at St. Anthony Church on Sunday, May 22nd.   From left are Karel, Johnson and Schumacher. Photos provided by Debbie Chicane.

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